Starry Sky Watercolour Desktop Wallpaper

Inspired by shooting stars and the Milky Way, this is one of my best selling patterns printed out on fabric at Spoonflower, Now also available as a design asset, as well as printed onto ready-to-go products such as cards (perfect for Christmas), journals, cases for your favourite tech, clothing, bedding and home decor!.

This month members of Club Marmalade Moon get the Starry Sky wallpaper as a free club perk! 

Featured at Redbubble!

My work, Starry Sky (purple twinkle) has been picked by a curator to be be featured in the handpicked selection of works on Redbubble's homepage and a number of other prominent places around the site - they call these works "Featured Designs". I'm so thrilled! 

Starry Sky is available on a wide range of products. Stationery like cards and journals. Bags such as tote bags, studio pouches and a drawstring bag. There are lots of options for wall art and I really love the wall tapestry. You can get Starry Sky on a case for your device or printed on to clothing. And there's home decor too, the duvet covers are lovely. 

Paper Cut Geometric Seamless Patterns

 Paper Cut Geometric Seamless Patterns by Kate England. 

Paper Cut Geometric Seamless Patterns by Kate England. 

A collection of 8 hand crafted, paper-cut, seamless patterns. 

I sat down with a pair of scissors and lots of brown paper and started cutting out geometric shapes. Spreading out the shapes on the table, experimenting with torn and cut paper, and variations in scale. Rearranging and playing. Such a tactile feeling to be working with paper in a digital time! Then I turned the shapes into seamlessly repeating cutting edge (no pun intended) patterns. 

To make it even more fun and easy to create designs with these patterns I've included all of the different paper cut shapes, so that you can use them for matching logo designs, coordinating website decorations or to make your own paper-cut patterns (without having to touch a pair of scissors!).

Geometric Alphabet

 Geometric Alphabet by Kate England. 

Geometric Alphabet by Kate England. 


New Geometric Designs

I've just released Alpha, a Geometric Alphabet Kit with Letters, Numbers and Punctuation. It's a side project I've been working with on and off and it's inspired by modernist art and architecture. Cubism, Bauhaus, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Le Corbusier, Piet Mondrian and the mid-century modern era. Artists and architects who I admire. 

There's something fascinating about these modern classics, beautiful geometric forms that fit perfectly for a wide range of completely different projects such as logo design, invitations, monograms, branding, sci-fi, flyers, resumes and children's birthday parties. And geometrics are so easy to mix and match with other styles and design elements, which also makes them really handy. I hope you enjoy them! 

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