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Virgo Symbols

Releasing two new collections of artwork inspired by Virgo, September's astrological sign. 

A pack of Virgo Graphics in lots of handy formats, ai, eps, png and svgs (for Silhouette cutting machines). 

And a collection of Virgo Zodiac Desktop Icons for desktop customisation enthusiasts. Club members get a free sample! 

Both sets are designed in my new Chevelle style. Here's what you get: 


  • Symbol: The Virgin 
  • Constellation: Virgo
  • Birthstone: peridot
  • Ruling planet: Mercury (planet + symbol)
  • House: Sixth (House of Health & Work)
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Element: Earth
  • Lucky Metal: Quicksilver
  • Lucky Flower: Morning Glory 
  • Lucky Colors: grey, navy blue
  • Bonus Folders: grey, navy blue and lime green.

September Freebies


This time of year, when summer draws to an end, and we tend to spend more time indoors, it's a good time for a desktop makeover. A wash of warm red that runs down your screen to energise your desktop and kickstart your projects. In September members of Club Marmalade Moon get a free pack of watercolor goodies to give your autumn a remake. 

September Kit

  • Desktop wallpaper designed for desktop, tablet, phone and iWatch. 
  • Desktop calendar designed for desktop computers. 

Join the Club to get next month's productivity kit, it's free

Website in a Week

I'm excited to announce that I've just launched The Website in a Week project! I'm offering two packages to make it quick and easy for you to get a brand new, responsive and beautifully designed website that can grow with you and is intuitive to use. 

The Micro Miracle gives you an engaging one-page site that can be scaled up to a fully featured website in the future, at a bargain price.

The One Week Wonder gives you a website with all the bells and whistles, it can have up to 7 pages and gives you the option for a landing page, blog, products, galleries, forms, events, podcast, video, trailer, downloadable content (such as freebies, presskit or brochures), social media icons, Pin It Hover Button, Instagram Feed, contact form, newsletter opt-in, and more.

The Website in a Week is designed especially with the freelancer, independent creative, entrepreneur, or small business in mind. I can help you get up and running quickly and painlessly, and help you create a professional and stunning website that looks great both on desktop computers, mobiles and tablets. 

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