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Blue Dream. Smart phone photo by Kate England. 

Blue Dream. Smart phone photo by Kate England. 

I just started out (again) on Instagram. It's always been the one social networking service that I've really enjoyed, and in the end I gave in. I think it's a quick and easy way to get a peek into your friends and family's days and to share your own days. Being on Instagram helps me keep my iPhoneography momentum going. I tend to look through my photo roll more often when I post to Instagram, instead of photos simply being swallowed by the digital realms - and never viewed. That way I can see the trends, what's going on in my life and what am I paying attention to. Are all my images similar or is there a lot of variation? It helps me develop creatively too. 

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Awakening from the Techno Dream


Computers, smartphones and the internet have redefined and expanded the dimensions of our everyday life, allowing us to move and process constant flows of data and providing us with a medium for expressing ourselves creativity and intellectually. In 2013 mass surveillance became common knowledge and it clouds the techno-utopian dream of freedom, democracy and connection. The same devices that first brought us a sense of freedom have been revealed to surveil us. 

With a few clicks of the mouse the state can access your mobile device, your email, your social networking and internet searches. It can follow your political leanings and activities and, in partnership with internet corporations, it collects and stores your data, and thus can predict your consumption and behaviour.
— Writers Against Mass Surveillance

The sheer scope and audacity of the revelations of internet surveillance is numbingly shocking, and casts a shadow on the time we spend online and the way we use our devices.

Free Has a Price

mobile photography: winter landscape

mobile photography: winter landscape

As you probably know, Instagram introduced new Terms of Use as part of their new collaboration with FacebookYour photos can be used for ads. 

This time it's clearly Instagram that it pays off for, so I've just deleted my account. 

Instagram’s New Terms of Use, Translated into Plain English

"There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" We pour hours of our time into free social media. The more time we've "invested" the more unlikely we are to leave, because surely our investment must have paid off in one way or another? 

The need to be connected is, in fact, very basic in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the psychological theory that explains the largest and most fundamental human desires. ... It is now possible to always feel loved and cared for, thanks to the efficiency of our “comment walls” on Facebook and seamless connection with everyone we've ever known. Your confidence and self-esteem can quickly be reassured by checking your number of “followers” on Twitter or the number of “likes” garnered by your photographs and blog posts. The traction you are getting in your projects, or with your business, can now be measured and reported in real time. – What Happened to Downtime? The Extinction of Deep Thinking & Sacred Space


Instagramers who are concerned about privacy and integrity are leaving Instagram. If you're thinking of leaving Instagram, you'll find that it's easy to do.

Backup and Save Your Photos

Save your photos with Copygram or Instaport.

Delete Your Account

Click here to delete your Instagram account.

For more tips and tutorials, check out our library of Free Resources for Mobile Photography and Art.

Tidbits No. 11

iPhone photo: Christmas bauble and tree

iPhone photo: Christmas bauble and tree

Looking for a way to update your WordPress blog on your iPad or iPhone? Macworld reviews Wordpress for iOS and find that it stands out for bloggers on the go.

Dissecting the pulsating accordion of existence: Emotional Anatomy: Stunning Vintage Illustrations of Somatic Consciousness

Fairy Tale Inspiration. Robin Whitney uses Pinterest to collect dazzling, magical images that inspire her to write and illustrate her own fairy tales. Delightful! 

Instagram respond to the public outcry over their policy change and Flickr introduce an all new Fickr app.

10 Top Tips for Capturing the Winter Cold in your Photos

Nanoblock Toy Camera

Nanoblock Toy Camera

This digital nanoblock toy camera is pocket-sized, customizable, and takes delightful, vibrant lo-fi photo with extra-gritty grain, and just a hint of vignetting. 

Wrap up your Christmas pressies so that they look like mail.

Interviews  and conversations with Instagram legends: InstagramTalk

Light is a key component of taking amazing photographs. Here's a guide to capturing the beauty of natural light at any time of the day.

Create colourful watercolor gradient paintings on your iPhone and iPad with Popsicolor 2.0! Now updated with new beautiful ink effects and more controls! 

Tidbits No. 10

mobile photo: icicles

mobile photo: icicles

I was interviewed by Diane Gilleland of CraftyPod, in an Image-Only Interview! Such a fun idea! Check it out

"Against simplicity/ for complexity . . . against the collective/ for the individual.” Salvador Dalí’s famous vision and credo My Struggle

“Nothing is mysterious, no human relation. Except love.” Susan Sontag on love

iPhone Photography Tutorial – Vintage & Ageing Photo Effects (for beginners)

Instagram release a new filter, Willow. "A monochrome filter with subtle purple tones and a translucent glowing white border. This filter works well on portraits, still life and architecture photographs with contrast."

The social media landscape shifts againGoogle+ Is Growing at Facebook Speed

A Shout Out for my courses over at Seek Your Course: Getting Started with iPhoneography

Turn your Instagram photos into a calendar that reveals a new photo each day. Tear off your photos one-by-one, use them as notecards, put them on your walls or give them away as gifts. Printstagram

DIY: Make Photo Gift Tags That’ll Make Even Santa Jealous

This week you can win a free spot in my ecourse Getting Started with iPhoneography. Find out more about developing everyday magic and enter the giveaway at oh my! handmade goodnessThis giveaway closes December 19th at midnight EST

Tidbits No. 8

smartphone photo: The Dream

smartphone photo: The Dream

We're surrounded by images of more or less naked women, but images of naked men are still tabu. nude men examines how artists have dealt with the theme of male nudity over the centuries.

The Bamboo Solar Charger converts sunlight to battery power and will charge any and every camera phone. 

Beautiful, free, textures for digital artists: 8 Abstract Bubbled Textures & 7 Abstract Noisy Stripe Textures.

Bamboo Solar Charger

Bamboo Solar Charger

Special Event at Macworld / iWorld 2013 – iPhoneography: The Mobile Masters Sessions. Unveiling and celebrating all aspects of the rapidly growing art form based around Apple's iPhone, the Mobile Movement.

Holiday Cards + Instagram = HoliGram?! DIY: How to Turn Your Own Photos into Insta-Christmas Cards.

I was interviewed about mobile creativity by brilliant, inspiring life coach Suzy Greaves, ‘the top ten guru to change your life around’ on the topic of expressing yourself creatively with your iPhone. We talked about why the iPhone is a fantastic tool to harness creativity, what makes art created with your iOS device so unique and why creativity leads to a richer life. You can listen to the interview here

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