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Before & After: Untitled Blue

mobile art: untitled blue

mobile art: untitled blue

Before & After, a series that offers a peek into the creative process of creating mobile art and photography.

mobile photography: footsteps in snow

This image emerged when I participated in a prompt at Breaking New Ground hosted at iPhoneArt. The challenge was to use Percolator, a fun and beautifully animated app that helps you create images in a neo-pointillist style, with a graphic twist. 

This piece started as photo of footsteps in the snow. Below you can follow my creative process, and after that a list of the apps I used to create this piece. There were a lot of steps to this piece, below are about half of them. Each variation was blended in with the piece. I hope you enjoy the creative journey! 

Apps I used to create this image:

  • Camera app Hipstamatic
  • Snapseed. Essential photo editor. 
  • Percolator. Create photo mosaics.  
  • Glaze. Turns your photo into a painting with a stroke-based, non-photorealistic rendering algorithm.
  • Image Blender to blend my different variations into one image. 

Before & After: Street View

Street View

Street View

Before & After, a series that brings a peek into the creative process of creating mobile art and photography.

This piece started as street photography, an iPhoneography shot of a mannequin in a shop window. A few months later this image took new shape, through my participation in a prompt at Breaking New Ground hosted at iPhoneArt. The theme was to use Pop Dot Comics HD, an app that helps you "create comic-book style illustrations". I picked this image as my starting point because a mannequin is reminds me of the stylised characters of many comic books. 

Browse the slideshow below to see my creative process, and after that a list of the apps I used to create this piece. I hope you enjoy the creative journey! 

Apps I used to create this photomontage:

  • Camera app Hipstamatic
  • Pop Dot Comics HD (comic book, halftone style)
  • Part™ create geometric art work in a simple, intuitive interface
  • Decim8. "a digital tool for photographic destruction"
  • Layover to create the photomontage. "a fun photography app that lets you blend the colors and textures of up to five pictures to create a single image" 

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Creative Prompts, Courses & Challenges

mixed media: watercolour + photography made on an iPhone

mixed media: watercolour + photography made on an iPhone

Isn't it surprisingly easy to put off your creativity? Even when you know how much it means to you?

Prompts, courses and challenges can be an effective tool to kick-start your creativity.

  • Ideas that come from outside yourself, can break your creative routine, expand your thinking and get you started creating in exciting and different ways. 
  • A cut-off time can be a useful tool to help you make time and space for your creative expression.
  • Community. We tend to gain confidence when our work is validated by our peers, and it's helpful to connect with supportive fellow creatives, to learn from each other. 

I've been participating in Breaking New Ground, a monthly-ish challenge or prompt hosted at iPhoneArt and it's a lot of fun! The image above is one of my contributions, and I wouldn't have made it without the prompt. Now that I have, I rather like it. 

Do you participate in prompts, courses or challenges that you feel further your creative expression? 

How do you feel these activities help you in your creative journey? 

Keeping an iPhoneography Journal

iPhoneography Notebook by Jennifer Lynn Bishop

iPhoneography Notebook by Jennifer Lynn Bishop

iPhone art and photography is a lot of fun and I learn something new every single day, and sometimes every hour! The biggest lesson I have learned is that even though it is fun to create interesting art on your iPhone, it is also easy to forget the steps you took to edit them later. For this reason, I started a notebook to remember the various effects and adjustments I make in my iPhoneography.

At first you might feel that it is a lot of work and think, “Eh, I’ll remember all the steps.” But trust me. There will be a moment when you are looking at multiple folders full of photography apps on your device and you might say something like, “Which one of these apps had the sepia filter that I used in the photo of that old church?”

It is up to you how much information you want to document, but here is what I keep track of in mine:

  • Image Name or Description
  • App Name
  • Crop size
  • Resolution
  • Color Adjustments
  • Filters used
  • Strength of filter
  • Other adjustments made (i.e. contrast, focus, blur, etc)
  • Frame type (if used)

The type of notebook you keep is whatever works for you.

You may like a pocketsize book that you can easily keep with you at all times, or maybe you prefer a larger notebook with lots of room to write. Some like to keep everything in the cloud, so you could use an app like Notes that is already installed on your iPhone or Evernote, which is a great notes app.

I recommend that if you choose an app for your journal, that you write the steps down on paper and transfer them to your notes app after you’ve saved your final photo. When you close or minimize some apps in the middle of editing to document steps in another app, the editing app may not save the photo and when you go back to continue editing, your work is gone and you’ll have to start all over again. Sometimes I use two or more apps to edit my images, so I tend to jump around a bit and the last thing I want to do is lose any of the work I have done!

Whether you choose a beautiful notebook with daisies on the cover, an app on your iphone, or even a dated scratch piece of paper thrown in a box with many others, take the time to document your creative journey.

Even if you don't use the same steps again, it might be fun to record your creative journey and make a scrapbook journal to enjoy later! 

About the Author: Jennifer Lynn Bishop is a freelance graphic designer, artist, and iPhoneographer. Follow her artistic journey at Rainy Day Doodle 

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Before & After: Untitled Mixed Media


The first post in Before & After, a new series where I'll be giving you a peek into the creative process of my iPhone art and photography.

This mixed media piece started as a charcoal drawing on paper. Then I took a photo of it with my iPhone and continued working on the image using iPhone apps, transforming the life study with layers of texture and colour.


The Ebb and Flow of Creativity

The Moon

Emerging from the deep waters of illumination and creativity to trip head over heels into a heap of laundry, a pile of receipts that need to be filed and a dozen and one other day-to-day tasks that I need to catch up with.

It's the ebb and flow of creativity. It's creating from the heart. It's passion. It's believing in what you do. Because there's nothing routine about passion. There are no limits to illumination. There is nothing calculated about intuition. There's nothing moderate about zeal, and desire is not halfhearted.

If you want passion in your life, you have to let the idea of balance take on a different, more long term role. It's not the same sort of balance as the kind you can get in times when your days can be measured and divided up into sensible amounts of time spent in a variety reasonable areas. In times of passion, it's ebb and flow. It's a leap of faith. A deep sense of purpose.

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