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Houston, we have a photo

iPhone photo: Houston, we have a photo

iPhone photo: Houston, we have a photo

There are two astronauts standing right in front of me, just as I step round the corner. I catch a few snapshots. This is in the middle of town, with skyscrapers in the background. It's a Thursday afternoon, a pocket of time between meeting a client, and picking up a few groceries at the market. A short rise in the tide of my creative cycle. I'm glad the logo for what ever the astronauts are advertising, doesn't show up in my photos, and I'm happy I got a splash of creative time on the go, just for myself. 

Sometimes we want to paint an image we have in our head. With words or paint or textile or sounds. Perhaps it's a memory. Or a fantasy. A dream or an emotion. Other times we want to go with what comes to us spontaneously, the image simply takes place. Perhaps we uncover it, or we see it. In a way our creation can be a discovery? And creative expression can feel like one small step, and a giant leap. A kind of miracle

The Gift of Wonder and Magic

Marmalade Moon Gift Card

Marmalade Moon Gift Card

The Christmases of my childhood are wrapped up in a sense of wonder and magic. Surprise and delight. Sparkling snow and glittering stars. A time when you can wish for anything. A time for love. A time to be together. 

As an adult, I find a sense of wonder and magic in the creative process. Maybe that's why we find creativity so alluring? It feels like magic when we're struck with inspiration? And when we start looking at our worlds through a creative lens, we can find mindful miracles even in the most mundane? Of course we have to do our bit too, and show up so we're actually there when the muse arrives and knocks on our doors. 

New Gift Certificates

If you know someone who wants to find the time, space and encouragement to ignite their creative spark, now you can give them a creative experience.

A pretty gift certificate and envelope comes with every gift purchase, so you can print it out and wrap it up. These would be extra special if you gave them with a blank notebook and a pen for keeping an iPhoneography journal. Imagine!

mobile art course. gift certificate

mobile art course. gift certificate

Creative Prompts, Courses & Challenges

mixed media: watercolour + photography made on an iPhone

mixed media: watercolour + photography made on an iPhone

Isn't it surprisingly easy to put off your creativity? Even when you know how much it means to you?

Prompts, courses and challenges can be an effective tool to kick-start your creativity.

  • Ideas that come from outside yourself, can break your creative routine, expand your thinking and get you started creating in exciting and different ways. 
  • A cut-off time can be a useful tool to help you make time and space for your creative expression.
  • Community. We tend to gain confidence when our work is validated by our peers, and it's helpful to connect with supportive fellow creatives, to learn from each other. 

I've been participating in Breaking New Ground, a monthly-ish challenge or prompt hosted at iPhoneArt and it's a lot of fun! The image above is one of my contributions, and I wouldn't have made it without the prompt. Now that I have, I rather like it. 

Do you participate in prompts, courses or challenges that you feel further your creative expression? 

How do you feel these activities help you in your creative journey? 

The Ease of iPhoneography

iPhone photography: Rusted Sun

iPhone photography: Rusted Sun

Effortless and Easy

iPhoneography offers an easy way to slip a creative layer onto your life. All you need is an iPhone.

You don't need a space like a studio or a workbench. No need to wait for paint and glue to dry. Your cat won't leave paw prints in your artwork. You won't need tools or materials like an easel, clay, wood, paints, guitar strings or yarn. No toxic ingredients. You don't need huge, uninterrupted blocks of time. All it takes is a few minutes here and there. You can even edit your iPhoneography on the go. On the bus. While you wait for something. Or in the comfort of your home. You don't need to have an idea to start with, you can simply look around you to see what catches your interest.

The ease and convenience of having your creative tool in your pocket, packed all into your iPhone makes it so simple to get started and to build momentum.

Visual Poetry Is Everywhere

The photo above is a shot of the rusty wall of a pump house. Sunlit and with the shadows of pine trees cast onto it. When you start learning techniques for opening your eyes to your surroundings and becoming more aware of it, you'll find beauty, interest, small dreamscapes, visual poetry, humour, abstractions and human moments all around you. All you need to do is to see it and capture it with your iPhone.

Start Building Your Own Momentum

Find out more about building momentum and finding your own unique style for iPhoneography with one of my courses, take a look at our library of free resources or join Club Marmalade Moon to get all my new releases.

Free Creative Jumpstart Course


Ignite Your Creative Spark

A new, free course to boost your creativity and build creative momentum, begins this week! Members of Club Marmalade Moon will be getting this course for free!

Why Now?

Every week I get questions from club members asking "how can I make time for creativity and how can I build creative momentum?" This class will help you break your creative time down into tiny managable pieces and get you started building momentum.

This summer my new ecourse about iPhone Photography is released. The course will be about awakening your inner creative using the tool that you have in your pocket, and delivered in doable chunks for 6 weeks. But you need to get grounded in your creativity before you spend more time on expanding your creative life. This free course will get you ready for creative growth.

Jumpstart Your Unique Creative Expression

  • • spark your creativity
  • • start building creative momentum
  • • explore your unique creative expression
  • • use simple tools that you've already got

To make it easy to succeed, the course will be delivered to you in 8 tiny, to-the-point, practical and bite-sized chunks, so that it's really easy for you to follow through and be successful. Creative Jumpstart is a free four week course, delivered to your inbox on Mondays and Fridays.

In this course we'll work on a practical project that you can complete with pen and paper. Optionally document your creative process with a camera (any old camera will do, a mobile phone works great).

This will be a time for you to spark your unique creativity and begin weaving creativity into your days.

A Pocket of Creative Time at the Airport


Sometimes it Goes Quiet

You know that feeling you get when you've got young children, and suddenly you realise that it's been quiet, way too quiet and far too long. They're up to something...

Well, it's like that here at Marmalade Moon too. When it's been quiet a while, no blog posts, not even any responses to comments, then I've been really busy.

On the Go

  • Helping to host the first Northern Light art & illustration workshop.
  • Designing an album cover.
  • Tinkering with the layout of the Marmalade Moon website and making new illustrations and graphics for it. The layout is going to be responsive, so that it looks great both on a desktop computer and on mobile devices.
  • Writing the first free course to spark your creativity, for members of Club Marmalade Moon
  • Looking for a replacement for Instagram (to solve the Facegram = Facepalm situation).

My Pocket of Creative Time

Standing at the air port, waiting for one of the teachers for the Northern Light workshop to arrive, I noticed an exhibition of Scandinavian Airlines aviation history and snapped a few photos.

Have you had any unexpected pockets of creative time recently?

aviation history

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