Are You Creatively Satisfied?

Are you creatively satisfied? Is it even possible to feel creativity satisfied, or is creative satisfaction an unattainable myth? Is it perfectly normal to sometimes feel it, and sometimes not? Like feeling happy or content or sad or thrilled?

What about hard work and putting in time and effort? Does feeling unsatisfied creatively drive you to work harder and become better? Is it actually a healthy driving force and motivation to improve? Or is it even possible to feel pure joy in the midst of fierce competition? Can we be both ambitious and happy? Or does ambition with its constant hunger for more put a damper on our ability to feel satisfied? 

Or as Kevin Richardson writes, "many of us feel this way [unsatisfied] due to a constant comparison to others.  ... It’s this daunting feeling that pushes us to measure ourselves against our peers and covet their talents and project opportunities. Surely nothing good can come from that."

The internet provides us with lots of ways to connect, to gather inspiration, to participate in creative communities, but it also gives us the tools for round-the-clock comparison. Our lives becomes more global, but at the same time, more people are being inspired by the same things and sharing the same dreams. The world both opens up to possibilities and narrows down into sameness.


The danger that lies within comparison to others is the inevitable trap that it comes with. When you’re motive is simply an effort to keep up with everyone else, you start to lose the personal character within your work that only you can create. You cheat yourself and end up becoming yet another clone who has followed a trend down it’s rabbit hole. I assure you, there is very little satisfaction found here.
— Kevin Richardson

What is creative satisfaction anyway? Is it when we achieve? When we feel we do our best work? When we sell our work or creative services? Does it happen when we allow ourselves to get lost in flow? Is it a state of bliss and spontaneity? Or a feeling of accomplishment? A pay cheque? When do you feel creatively satisfied? 


Tidbits No. 15

Mobile photography: melting ice
Mobile photography: melting ice

"Creating iPad art is easy with ArtRage. I think it feels as close to real painting as you could expect from a tablet. I’ll show you how I use it, but the best way to work it out is to play with it yourself" How to create iPad Art with ArtRage

Creating digital art and how using the iPad mini was a game changer for Jen: The Right Tool Makes All the Difference

Limited edition photo appThe Light Camera I and recourses for digital artists10 Microscopic Grit Textures

How to Photograph Your Paintings (unfortunately you'll need a good deal more than an iPhone for this project)

How to organise a photo library with Lightroom 

Are you keeping yourself so busy that you're undermining your own creativity? "Our insatiable need to tune into information – at the expense of savoring our downtime – is a form of “work” (something I call “insecurity work”) that we do to reassure ourselves." What Happened to Downtime

Tidbits No. 14

mobile photography: icy day

mobile photography: icy day

Are you willing to do something new? "If you develop an appetite for learning and openness, you're more likely to be able to draw ideas from multiple disciplines - and be more creative."

Noteworthy app: ProCamera 4.0: Great New Features Without the Bloat!

The iPhone Arts have tested Hipstamatic’s new Tintype lens/film

"The swift pace at which we create images is only matched by the pace at which we discard them and yet, paradoxically, we’ve never been more engaged with images. Photography is less about document or evidence and more about community and experience … and that’s not a bad thing." Stephen Mayes: Photographs Are No Longer Things, They’re Experiences 

Society6 artists from Brooklyn to Barcelona bring you an endless supply of Grade-A quality Artist Wallpapers and Backgrounds to satisfy your recommended daily dosage of retina candy - all for FREE. Updated daily. Society6 Daily Art Wallpapers and Backgrounds

The original CameraBag was the very first vintage iPhone photo app, sparking what now has become a major trend. This is the app that once ignited my interest for iPhoneography. Now the app has been updated to the degree that it's a whole new app, CameraBag 2, with new beautiful effects that you can adjust, intuitive interface, hi-fidelity rendering, and randomiser. 

This week we're looking for hidden pockets of creative time and space in the Getting Started with iPhoneography Course.  

This is breathtaking: A Study of Light, Shadows, and Framing: Street Photos by Ray Metzker

The Gift of Wonder and Magic

Marmalade Moon Gift Card

Marmalade Moon Gift Card

The Christmases of my childhood are wrapped up in a sense of wonder and magic. Surprise and delight. Sparkling snow and glittering stars. A time when you can wish for anything. A time for love. A time to be together. 

As an adult, I find a sense of wonder and magic in the creative process. Maybe that's why we find creativity so alluring? It feels like magic when we're struck with inspiration? And when we start looking at our worlds through a creative lens, we can find mindful miracles even in the most mundane? Of course we have to do our bit too, and show up so we're actually there when the muse arrives and knocks on our doors. 

New Gift Certificates

If you know someone who wants to find the time, space and encouragement to ignite their creative spark, now you can give them a creative experience.

A pretty gift certificate and envelope comes with every gift purchase, so you can print it out and wrap it up. These would be extra special if you gave them with a blank notebook and a pen for keeping an iPhoneography journal. Imagine!

mobile art course. gift certificate

mobile art course. gift certificate

Tidbits No. 3

iPhoneography: A slice of light

iPhoneography: A slice of light

Tidbits. A weekly mix of inspiration, sparks of genius, beauty, illumination and laughter illustrated with my Instagram photosiPhone photo above: "A Slice of Light".

What is your Instagram horoscope? Find out what your favourite Instagram filter says about you.

Now you can display your Instagram photos at home!

This week we're experimenting with blending photos together into an expressive image in the Creative iPhoneography Course.

Limited edition Evernote smart notebook by Moleskine that’s designed specifically for the Evernote iOS application.

Beautiful resources for your digital art and iPhoneography: 5 Abstract Hazy Textures and  7 Remixed Chalk Pastels.

Delicate nocturnal moth trails and shadow art

Literary Jukebox Daily quotes from a favorite book, thematically matched with a song.

Clever and imaginative charging stations.

Simple, sleek wooden cases for iPhones, iPads and MacBooks by Recover.

A few places left in the weekend workshop on character illustration at Northern Light. Get yours here

The Creative Jumpstart Project

The Creative Jumpstart Project. iPhoneographic design created on an iPhone by Kate England. 

The Creative Jumpstart Project. iPhoneographic design created on an iPhone by Kate England. 

Igniting Your Creative Spark

The Creative Jumpstart is a free course to boost your creativity and build creative momentum. It's a Club Marmalade Moon project, and you can get access to it by joining the club.

Simplicity & Ease

  • To make it easy to succeed, the course comes in 7 tiny, to-the-point, practical and bite-sized chunks.
  • In this course we'll work on a practical project that you can complete with pen and paper. Optionally document your creative process with a camera (any old camera will do, an iPhone works great).
  • This will be a time for you to spark your unique creativity and begin weaving creativity into your days.

Creative Jumpstart Roundup

It's amazing to see the artwork that members of Club Marmalade Moon have created in the Creative Jumpstart. Here on the blog you'll find a selection. The artwork of Brian Brasher (here and here), and the Creative Jumpstarts of Emily, Esmee (as well as a mini interview), AmySandra and Danielle!

The Complete Jumpstart

If you missed the Creative Jumpstart, you can get free access to the entire course and work through the course at your own pace, by joining Club Marmalade Moon.

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