Tidbits No. 32

Spring is on its way. iPhoneography by Kate England. 

Spring is on its way. iPhoneography by Kate England. 

Combine your photos in unique and creative ways with the new photo app Union.

Tutorial: How to Take Great Portrait Photographs with your iPhone

Review: Mextures — The Best Photo Editing App for iPhone.

Tips: EyeEm Blog - 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Framing a Photo

Art: Guide to Projectors for Interactive Installations

Chaos on your photo roll? Have you got trouble managing thousands of photos and videos? Simplify Your iOS Photo Workflow with Tidymatic

Interview: Benjamin Lowy: “The end of Instagram?” 

Interested in joining a friendly mobile photography community? Say hello to MobiTog!

Tidbits No. 21

iPhone photo: snowy crossing

iPhone photo: snowy crossing

Will you wear your next iPhone on your wristRumours of Apple's new wearable computer device, the iWatch, has the tech world in a frenzy of sci-fi speculation. Will the iWatch fill a gaping hole in the Apple ecosystem

Join the International SketchCrawl™ - drawing marathons from around the world. A World Wide event where people from different corners of the world join in a day of sketching and journaling and then, thanks to the Internet, everyone shares the results on an online forum.

Is your creative work more intuitive or do you prefer to work in a more logical way, planning your project ahead of time? Follow along with Jen's creative process using multiple photo apps to see what happens when she doesn't really have a plan for her mobile art.  

Would you like to showcase or sell your creative work in your very own online shop? Take a look at 6 Steps To Creating A Knockout Online Portfolio or find out how to set up shop with Squarespace Commerce

Tidbits No. 16

iPhone photography: Going Home

iPhone photography: Going Home

Imagine a stream of childhood memories, leading from one to another. A photograph inside a photograph inside a photograph. Childhood memories captured in Norwegian Röjksopp's music video Eple

I just signed up for LOVE * GROW * EXPRESS: the creative Workshop.

Good news for iPad artists: Pressure-Sensitive Stylus. This stylus is also great for handwriting because it can help the iPad ignore your palm and wrist.  Compatible applications will let you rest your hand anywhere, and only respond to the pen tip. Yay! Pogo Connect.

A kind mention about Marmalade Moon and a note from my journal: "A Blank Page".

Would you like to experience the magic of Polaroid instant photography on your iPhone, iPad and Mac? Instant, the officially licensed Polaroid app on Mac, mimics the real classic Polaroid instant camera, with realistic visual and sound effects. Watch as  the film is slowly developed and the final picture unveils. Instant

Still a few spots left in the Creative iPhoneography Course — Reserve your spot here.

Tidbits No. 8

smartphone photo: The Dream

smartphone photo: The Dream

We're surrounded by images of more or less naked women, but images of naked men are still tabu. nude men examines how artists have dealt with the theme of male nudity over the centuries.

The Bamboo Solar Charger converts sunlight to battery power and will charge any and every camera phone. 

Beautiful, free, textures for digital artists: 8 Abstract Bubbled Textures & 7 Abstract Noisy Stripe Textures.

Bamboo Solar Charger

Bamboo Solar Charger

Special Event at Macworld / iWorld 2013 – iPhoneography: The Mobile Masters Sessions. Unveiling and celebrating all aspects of the rapidly growing art form based around Apple's iPhone, the Mobile Movement.

Holiday Cards + Instagram = HoliGram?! DIY: How to Turn Your Own Photos into Insta-Christmas Cards.

I was interviewed about mobile creativity by brilliant, inspiring life coach Suzy Greaves, ‘the top ten guru to change your life around’ on the topic of expressing yourself creatively with your iPhone. We talked about why the iPhone is a fantastic tool to harness creativity, what makes art created with your iOS device so unique and why creativity leads to a richer life. You can listen to the interview here

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