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Pink paint. iPhone photo by Kate England. 

Pink paint. iPhone photo by Kate England. 



Discover the iPad as a revolutionary canvas for expressing yourself creatively. Paint with never-ending, non-toxic paints that  don't cause a mess to be cleaned up when I you're finished. An exciting mixture of experimental and traditional art techniques. At the end of April we'll celebrate by exhibiting our favourite work during Stockholm Culture Night



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Organising Your iPhone & iPad

How to organize your iPhone and iPad

Just like decluttering your desktop space by deleting unused apps can help you stay focused, organising your remaining apps can make it much easier and more fun to use your device. 

Rearranging Apps

To rearrange apps on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod or iPad), press and hold the app you want to remove until it "wobbles" then, arrange the apps by dragging them. Press the home button to save your arrangement.

Organising your apps

Organising your apps

Organizing your iPhone by Using Home Screens

It makes sense to want the apps that we most often use on our main home screen. One way to keep the rest of your apps organised and easy to find, is to sort them onto different home screens. For example, you could use one home screen for social media apps, one for utilities and so on. 

Reduce Clutter by Creating Folders

You can reduce the clutter by grouping apps together in folders. For example, gather all of your photography apps in one folder. To create a folder, tap and hold the app until all the apps start jiggling. Now drag one of the apps onto another. This will create the folder and give it a default name which you can edit if you like. If you want to add more apps to the folder, keep dragging them into the folder. When you’ve finished creating your new folder, tap the Home button to stop the jigging.


It can be helpful to name your folders by action. For example, instead of using a category like "productivity" you might name a folder "organise" or "do". Instead of "media" you might consider "reading", "play" or "learn". 

Help, I Can't Find an App!

What if you can't find an app that you put in a folder, but now you can’t remember which folder!? 

To locate your app, start by navigating to your home screen. wipe to the right to activate spotlight search and type in the name of the app you're looking for. 

In iOS7: swipe down on any page of your homescreen to reveal the search bar.

Using the Dock for Easy Access to Apps You Use Frequently 

For apps you use frequently, you can create a shortcut to make those apps easily available on every page. Tap and hold an app. When they start to jiggle, drag the app or folders of apps to the bottom of the screen (dock). This will help you to find an app quickly, no matter which page you're on. To remove an app from the dock, simply press and hold the icon and drag it out of the dock and back onto your screen.

A folder in the dock

Put a Folder in the Dock

To drag a folder into the dock, you will have to create it first on the screen, then drag it to the dock. 

Organising Your Device With iTunes

You can organise your apps via iTunes if you prefer. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Select your device and tap Apps.

Select an app and drag it to move it to a different page. You can create folders the same way by dragging an app into another app and optionally renaming the folder. 

Organising Your Smartphone & Tablet

There are many ways to organise and make your iPhone or iPad your own. When you've started to buy some apps and know more about how you like to use your smartphone or tablet, a little time spent organising can save time, increase your productivity and make your device more fun and easy to use.

Decluttering Your iPhone & iPad

How to declutter you iPhone, iPod and iPad
Decluttering your iPhone. Deleting apps you no longer use. 

Decluttering your iPhone. Deleting apps you no longer use. 

With the sheer number of apps available, it's fun and often inexpensive to try out new, exciting apps. It can easily become a bit of an addiction (do you ever feel like an appoholic?), and you wind up with so many apps that your smartphone (or tablet) becomes a cluttered mess. 

Just like on your computer, unused software takes up extra room on your tablet or smartphone’s storage and makes it harder to find the apps you do use. Cleaning out and organising the apps you use frequently makes it easier for you to focus and find what you need and enjoy to use. It also frees up extra space and helps your device run smoother.

Deleting Unused Apps

To uninstall apps on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod or iPad), press and hold the app you want to remove until it "wobbles" and then tap the small “X” that appears in the corner to uninstall it. 

Using iTunes to declutter your apps.

Using iTunes to declutter your apps.


When you connect your device to iTunes, you can get a quick overview of the different types of apps you've installed. 

You can view your apps by Category by using the ‘Sort By’ button. This will give you a picture of the types of apps you've got. For example, if you've got several apps with a similar function, you might like to delete the ones you don't use.  Alternatively, you might like to remove apps that take a lot of space. 

What if I Change my Mind? 

If you change your mind you can restore an app that you used to have, directly from your iPhone, iPod or iPad. You won't be charged twice for an app or in-app purchase, provided you use the same iTunes account login. Open the App Store, search for the app and reinstall it. It’s that easy. 

When You've decluttered your iPhone or iPad, it'll be so much easier to organise your remaining apps

Resources for Mobile Photography


I'm putting together a new free Resource Section with essential tools and tutorials for mobile art and photography. The first part is a list of go-to apps for your mobile photography. 

The next part will be a selection of superb apps for artistic photo-manipulation and editing, the third part will be a roundup of fantastic apps for painting or applying painterly effects, the fourth will list excellent sources for royalty free textures and clipart and the fifth will be a list of the key resources I use for my creative business. 

Focus is around the best photo apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but when possible, I also list apps for Android, Windows Phone, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire, as well as desktop companions for Mac, Windows and Linux. 

When I've completed all of this, I'm going to create free PDFs for Members of Club Marmalade Moon, that you can save and refer to over and over again.

Here's the first part: 8 Essential Apps for Mobile Photography. This is a list of top apps, 8 must-have apps in any mobile photographer’s tool kit. Check it out

Tidbits No. 18

mobile photography: frosty trees
mobile photography: frosty trees

Oh no, is your iPhone out of space? Find out why and what you can do!

Beautiful iPhone photography experiment with Camerabag 2 and Picfx Winter Wonderland Inspiration

Curious how to make your own inexpensive iPhone accessories? Find out How to Turn Your Phone Into a DIY Photo Projector for $1 make an iPhone Paper Clip Stand or Create Your Own Macro iPhone Lens.

Congratulations to the winners of the mobile photo awards 2013!

Your iPad: The Creative Tool You Didn't Know You Needed

Your iPad: The Creative Tool You Didn't Know You Needed. Photo Anne Wilemsons. 

Your iPad: The Creative Tool You Didn't Know You Needed. Photo Anne Wilemsons. 

What's it like to use an iPad as your creative tool? How is it different using your iPhone as your main tool? How do you deal with transferring your images and what are some of the advantages with the larger screen?

I asked Anne Vilemsons, who got an iPad for Christmas (!) if she'd be kind enough to write a review, and here it is: 

I Got an iPad for Christmas!

It was cold, heavy and neat. I was told it would be great for my new hobby – IPhoneography. And the day after I got some more presents for the ipad. A cover and a stylus for my iPad. 

I was a bit shocked by the gift. I just looked at it and put it in a safe place. After a few days I got help to get into it. The first thing was to transfer all my photos on to the iPad. First send the photos from the iPhone to the computer and then from the computer to the iPad. And the other way around if I edited some photos in the IPad. 

iPad, iPhone and laptop. Photo: Anne Vilemsons

iPad, iPhone and laptop. Photo: Anne Vilemsons

Editing images on an iPad. Here's an example of an image where I discovered minor mistakes when using the larger iPad screen. Photo by Anne Vilemsons. 

Editing images on an iPad. Here's an example of an image where I discovered minor mistakes when using the larger iPad screen. Photo by Anne Vilemsons. 

It was like crystal on a frosty winter morning

Then I opened all the Apps that I already had on my iPhone. All of them didn´t work in the iPad. At first I was really disappointed because one of my favourite apps, Camera+ didn´t work on the iPad. Later on I realised that there was a separate iPad version for Camera+. That can be good to know for someone who's new to the iPad.

The screen is great on the iPad. It was like crystal on a frosty winter morning. I saw minor mistakes in some photos and how beautiful others were. 

The iPad has a camera as well as the iPhone. Thats great but a bit strange I think. Who takes photos with that? It´s not very handy. I would only use the camera in the iPad at work to take photos of the whiteboard after conferences. Maybe.

I love to edit photos on the iPad

Anyway I love to edit photos in the iPad. All apps are better to work in the iPad than on the iPhone. The Apps Meritum Paint and Touch Retouch are two of the apps that are really good on the iPad. These two are also great when I edit with the stylus i got for iPad. 

Using the iPad to create mobile art and photography. Photo: Anne Vilemsons. 

Using the iPad to create mobile art and photography. Photo: Anne Vilemsons. 

The transferring bit was a bit annoying. Luckily I got help to find a better way of transferring photos. It was the Photo Transfer App. With this installed I can transfer my images by cable or Bluetooth instead. Great change. It was true – iPad is great for my iPhoneography. But honestly I am still a bit shocked.

About the author

Anne Vilemsons is a creative iPhoneographer. She uses the alter ego KislieKapusta for her creative work. She currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more about Anne's iPhoneography art show, and follow her on Instagram or Flickr

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