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Student Art Show

Gorilla by Sascha-Irena Wilkesmann 

Gorilla by Sascha-Irena Wilkesmann 

This is one of many stunning images created by students in the Winter 2013 session of the Creative iPhoneography Course. We're celebrating exploration, completion and creative flight with an art show displaying the work we're most proud of! Sometimes the hardest part is to select the very best pieces.  

It's thrilling to see through another's eyes. Welcome to step inside the creative vision of  students from the Creative iPhoneography course of 2013.

Houston, we have a photo

iPhone photo: Houston, we have a photo

iPhone photo: Houston, we have a photo

There are two astronauts standing right in front of me, just as I step round the corner. I catch a few snapshots. This is in the middle of town, with skyscrapers in the background. It's a Thursday afternoon, a pocket of time between meeting a client, and picking up a few groceries at the market. A short rise in the tide of my creative cycle. I'm glad the logo for what ever the astronauts are advertising, doesn't show up in my photos, and I'm happy I got a splash of creative time on the go, just for myself. 

Sometimes we want to paint an image we have in our head. With words or paint or textile or sounds. Perhaps it's a memory. Or a fantasy. A dream or an emotion. Other times we want to go with what comes to us spontaneously, the image simply takes place. Perhaps we uncover it, or we see it. In a way our creation can be a discovery? And creative expression can feel like one small step, and a giant leap. A kind of miracle

Student Art Show

Still life. Study of circles within circles. By Vanessa. 

Still life. Study of circles within circles. By Vanessa. 

This is one of many wonderful images created by students in the Winter 2013 session of the Getting Started With iPhoneography Course! We're celebrating completion and creative spark with an art show featuring the work we're most proud of! Check it out

The Addicted iPhoneographer

A warning to new iPhoneographers: mobile photography can be seriously addictive! 

Have you stopped by the popular blog for mobile photography, Meet the man behind the project and let yourself be inspired by his passion for iPhoneography. A guest post by Raman Pfaff.


My name is Raman Pfaff, and I'm an addicted iPhoneographer. My family was really artistic ranging from documentarian to painter, but I was a science guy who majored in physics. I started blogging back in 1993 before it was called blogging and created a website called ExploreScience in 1995. The site turned in to my full-time career at after I'd spent a few years as a 'teaching' professor. I now do a lot of programming during the day and need to relax during the evenings. That is where photography fit in.

For years I used a DSLR but it seemed to take a lot of effort to get things packed up and ready. When digital point and shoots got better I tried to have one with me all the time. It was much easier to carry around. I used Adobe Lightroom on my computer to go through images.

And then the iPhone came along. It was with me all the time and required no thought. My daily life became intertwined with photography. My finger would tap when I saw something of interest. Editing apps were getting better every day and many unique apps were showing up on the scene. I don't remember exactly when, but at some point I noticed that I was spending more time on my iPhone than I was on my iMac.

The iPhone is everywhere, it captures news the moment it occurs, kids learn how to take photos in moments, social sites are bursting with photos, and artists are using it to create portfolios. The iPhone has become a photo editing system that fits in your pocket - not on your desk.

I was amazed by some of the photos apps I saw, and my teaching instincts crept in. I started so I could talk about apps. Nothing more, nothing less. It's a diary of what I'm up to, some apps I'm using and trying, ranting about a missing feature here and there, and occasionally discussing on how I created some of my images. Every day I'm looking through some pictures/art I've created on my iPhone. I like some and I smile. I'm hoping iPhoneography lets a lot of people enjoy a smile at the end of the day, and my blog can help out in a small way.

Years ago I took a DSLR photography course where we discussed ten photos we each took that week. That really helped me out. I'm so glad to see that iPhoneography classes are now being offered in more and more places. Millions have started using iPhones daily to take photos and create art, and many aren't aware of the potential wrapped up in the iPhone. There are wealth of resources on iPhoneography out there: books, web sites, blogs, reviews, and now classes. As a former teacher, I like having a wealth of resources, but I've always enjoyed a class where people focused on one subject can offer a lifelong learning experience.

iPhoneography will continue to grow. Apps will continue to improve. The technology of the camera will jump by leaps and bounds. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

About the AuthorRaman Pfaff earned his PhD in Physics at Michigan State University and was a co-founder of, which helps students with math and science. He loves iPhoneography and has a blog at He currently resides in Charlottesville, Virginia.

My Year in iPhoneography

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