How to Create Mobile Images Using Plant Matter: Anthotypes For Mobile Photography

Is your photo really sharp? Is the focus where you want it to be? Don’t lose good moments with bad photos. Evaluate every pixel of your photo on the go with Photo Quality Check.

Looking for an Instagram viewer for your iPad? Take a look at Retro

Give your photos an analog look with AnalogColor. New filters include the ability to transform your photo into polygons. Another new preset is called Shift and imitates the look of old print when each color was added to the paper using a separate plate. Most of the time these plates didn't align perfectly. The result was slightly overlapping colours in areas and small white gaps. Beautifully retro! 

Free this week at Creative Market: 24 Folded Paper Overlays that you can use to blend with your smartphone photos to give them a folded look using an app like Image Blender. If you prefer to use your computer, you could use these overlays with Photoshop instead. I'll be posting a tutorial on how to blend textures with your smartphone photos later on this week. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Levitation Photography is a type of optical illusion where the subject appears to float in the middle of the air. Fun and easy with Levitagram


Cherry Blossom. iPhoneography by Kate England. 

Cherry Blossom. iPhoneography by Kate England. 

Last Saturday it was The Day of Cherry Blossom (sakura matsuri) in the downtown park Kungsträdgården. I snapped this photo above, and you can read more about the experience in my creative journal

Turn your digital work environment into a peaceful, creative space with Noisli. A free background noise and color generator for working and relaxing.

Small biz how-to : Photographing your work for your online shop

In a Photo or Creative Rut? Stanford Study Finds That Walking Improves Creativity.

Current favourite Pinterest boards: Outdoors | Mobile Art & Photography | Creative Studio

Breathtaking artistic photo editing with textures from Flypaper. I love how Jill and Paul share their secrets on their blog! 

Each month the camera app Hipstamatic/Oggl releases a new HipstaPak, that gives your photos a unique look and feel, and that you can combine with the other lenses and films available in the app for even more variety. This months HipstaPak fetches its inspiration from Italy with the Sergio Lens that blurs your edges and enhances your cool tones to be as blue as the Trevi Fountain and Maximus LXIX Film that adds a warm grain to your photos inspired by classical antiquity.

Free typeface: Anke

Can you imagine a photo both with an illustrator inside? Face-o-mat travels from Stockholm out into the world.


Onboard. iPhone photo by Kate England. 

Onboard. iPhone photo by Kate England. 

Transform your pictures into beautiful vintage photo slides.

Excellent tutorial for a painterly photo edit (in Google translation to English). 

Just updated, my free magazine on Flipboard: iPhoneography: Mobile Art & Photography.

Hannah Höch: art's original punk. The dadaist artist who pioneered the art of the photomontage. Almost a century ago, her keen insight is that the profusion of images given us by the mass media might constitute "a new and fantastic field for a creative human being".



Jee Young Lee creates surreal, otherworldly dreamscapes in her small studio: Stage of Mind.

N O M A D's iOS 6 & 7 Speed & Battery Tips (To Make It Run Faster & Conserve More Battery!) | MobiTog - The Original Mobile Photography Community

Painting on your iPad but having trouble resting your palm on the screen because the iPad thinks you're performing a multi-finger gesture? Here are several solutions: Palm rejection the Cheap, Fast and Easy Way | Procreate Forums

 A STAND FOR DEMOCRACY IN THE DIGITAL AGE | Change.org: Sign the pledge


iPhone photo: lavender and butterfly

iPhone photo: lavender and butterfly

3 Common Mistakes iPhoneographers make 

Hey Apple: Regular People Have No Idea How To Manage Photos On Their iPhone

 Get Rid of Dirt Inside Your iPhone 5 Camera with Some Simple Surgery

Tonight the Perseid meteor shower lights up the sky. Night Sky 2 looks like a great companion app for stargazers looking for shooting stars. 

Updated: New & Noteworthy Photo Apps and Essential Photo Apps.

And I just completed The French Collection, a series of patterns for fabrics, wallpapers, decals and gift wrap. Find out more about the creative process and take a look to see what you think!  


iPhoneography: blue flowers

iPhoneography: blue flowers

Would you like to learn to take better photos with your iPhone or SLR? Take a look at the Photography Assignment Generator App, a great tool for learning more about the rules of composition, creative shooting techniques, photographing people, landscape and nature. This app can also help you keep your creative momentum flowing with scavenger hunt assignments that give you ideas of things to find with your camera. There are separate versions for SLR shooters (iPhone and iPad) and iPhoneographers and there's even a free demo version, so you can try before you buy. 

It always seems to be a good time to peel off a few layers of one's digital lifestyle, they tend to add up so fast, don't they? This summer camp made me smile with its promise:


to create an atmosphere for personal freedom, creative thinking, liberation from technology, and a space from the working world where we can all once again be… human. Friendships at camp are based on real-life connections, and the most important status we’ll update is our happiness
— Digital Detox

PicsPlay Pro is a flexible photo editor with pro-level features, beautiful filters and clever tools. A Swiss Army knife of mobile photography, PicsPlay Pro is chock full of features. My personal favourites are the FX filters Hollywood 1 and Hollywood 2 - they are subtle and absolutely beautiful! 

Lately I've been experimenting with watercolour painting on my iPad. Creating a series of designs for fabrics, wallpaper and gift wrap. In the process, I discovered that Tayasui Sketches is a lovely and intuitive app for sketching, painting and drawing. I love the expressive watercolour brush, the washes and edge bleed. You can follow my project on my personal portfolio site Kate England. 


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