Your iPad: The Creative Tool You Didn't Know You Needed

Your iPad: The Creative Tool You Didn't Know You Needed. Photo Anne Wilemsons. 

Your iPad: The Creative Tool You Didn't Know You Needed. Photo Anne Wilemsons. 

What's it like to use an iPad as your creative tool? How is it different using your iPhone as your main tool? How do you deal with transferring your images and what are some of the advantages with the larger screen?

I asked Anne Vilemsons, who got an iPad for Christmas (!) if she'd be kind enough to write a review, and here it is: 

I Got an iPad for Christmas!

It was cold, heavy and neat. I was told it would be great for my new hobby – IPhoneography. And the day after I got some more presents for the ipad. A cover and a stylus for my iPad. 

I was a bit shocked by the gift. I just looked at it and put it in a safe place. After a few days I got help to get into it. The first thing was to transfer all my photos on to the iPad. First send the photos from the iPhone to the computer and then from the computer to the iPad. And the other way around if I edited some photos in the IPad. 

iPad, iPhone and laptop. Photo: Anne Vilemsons

iPad, iPhone and laptop. Photo: Anne Vilemsons

Editing images on an iPad. Here's an example of an image where I discovered minor mistakes when using the larger iPad screen. Photo by Anne Vilemsons. 

Editing images on an iPad. Here's an example of an image where I discovered minor mistakes when using the larger iPad screen. Photo by Anne Vilemsons. 

It was like crystal on a frosty winter morning

Then I opened all the Apps that I already had on my iPhone. All of them didn´t work in the iPad. At first I was really disappointed because one of my favourite apps, Camera+ didn´t work on the iPad. Later on I realised that there was a separate iPad version for Camera+. That can be good to know for someone who's new to the iPad.

The screen is great on the iPad. It was like crystal on a frosty winter morning. I saw minor mistakes in some photos and how beautiful others were. 

The iPad has a camera as well as the iPhone. Thats great but a bit strange I think. Who takes photos with that? It´s not very handy. I would only use the camera in the iPad at work to take photos of the whiteboard after conferences. Maybe.

I love to edit photos on the iPad

Anyway I love to edit photos in the iPad. All apps are better to work in the iPad than on the iPhone. The Apps Meritum Paint and Touch Retouch are two of the apps that are really good on the iPad. These two are also great when I edit with the stylus i got for iPad. 

Using the iPad to create mobile art and photography. Photo: Anne Vilemsons. 

Using the iPad to create mobile art and photography. Photo: Anne Vilemsons. 

The transferring bit was a bit annoying. Luckily I got help to find a better way of transferring photos. It was the Photo Transfer App. With this installed I can transfer my images by cable or Bluetooth instead. Great change. It was true – iPad is great for my iPhoneography. But honestly I am still a bit shocked.

About the author

Anne Vilemsons is a creative iPhoneographer. She uses the alter ego KislieKapusta for her creative work. She currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more about Anne's iPhoneography art show, and follow her on Instagram or Flickr

Creative Spaces and Tools: Digital and Analogue

Creative Journal by Brian

Here are illustrator, designer, pixel pusher and quasi-typographer Brian Brasher's creative tools.  Pens, stacks of notebooks, and the traces of some digital tools too.  You'll find Brian's home on the internet at Etherbrian.

Creative Journal by Sandra

Sandra's creative tools are purple and digital. Her creative photo has a green tint and interesting film strip borders. 

"I can't really hold a pen/brush etc anymore so my iPad and iPhone are my lifeline to creativity" Check out Sandra's mobile, digital art on her website Sandra Lock.

Creative Journal by June

Blue, purple and dappled light are all part of June's creative tools and space. A notebook and pen. So peaceful and at once full of energy. 

Isn't it inspiring to see how different everyone's creative space is? 

Yellow Creative Spaces and Tools

Here's the third part of a series of inspiring photos of creative tools and spaces by members of Club Marmalade Moon who are participating in the free Creative Jumpstart Course. 


Emily's creative notebook and pen remind me of warm, energetic, sunny, easy summer's days! And it reminds me of birthdays! Wrapping paper, whispers and early mornings. You'll find more of Emily's creative expressions on her blog Mousy Brown's House where she records "things I have made, things I have seen and the things that help me to enjoy my life".


Here is Nina's creative space. This space looks so inviting in the cosy light of the lamp. A place for action! "I looked all over the place for one of those lovely stashed-away notebooks, but maybe I mislaid it in our last move (in February - haven't finished unpacking yet!) or gave it to my daughter who also loves beautful things. Am eager to see where this exercise will take me!" It's so easy to put things off just because we don't feel we have the perfect tools or spaces or long, uninterrupted passages of time. Using what we HAVE got, is often part of getting going.


This is designer and illustrator Jennifer Lynn Bishop's creative tools. A yellow notebook with a swirly and organic pattern that contrasts with the straight, diagonal and checked lines. A very clever composition! Jennifer loves music and is currently working on her online coloring book. You will find her work on her portfolio/design blog Rainy Day Doodle or on her Flickr page.

Soulful Creative Spaces and Tools

Here are some photos by members of Club Marmalade Moon who are gathering their creative tools for the free Creative Jumpstart Course! I find these spaces and tools all so inspiring! 


This is John's creative tools and space. "The book is from the Tate Gallery in London and I love these pockets that are spaced throughout as a way of adding to my thoughts, sketches etc." At once peaceful and energetic, poetic and practical! Discover more of John's photography and design on his web space.


Here's Tracy's morning moment & essentials. Tea, light, and rainbow pens. This Dream journal is a moleskine journal that Tracy's embellished. Such a soulful and tranquil creative space!  You'll find her art and jewelry on her blog Prana Light, along with Tracy's writings about "creative living where art & spirit meet".


Lisa is using this gorgeous natural paper and leaf notebook as her creative tool. She says "to be honest it has been sitting in a drawer waiting for my inspiration for about 5 years!". How bold and what a great gift Lisa gave to herself!

Have You Been Saving Your Best Notebook in a Drawer?

Oh how I can relate to that! Keeping my best stationery, notebooks and journals in a drawer, waiting for that perfect time! Does that ever happen to you? 

Creative Jumpstart: Tools and Spaces


Creative Spaces and Tools


I'm blown away by these photos by members of Club Marmalade Moon who are getting their creative tools ready for the free Creative Jumpstart Course!

The lively, vibrant and colourful creative tools in the first photo are from Esmee.  You'll find more of her creative iPhone photography on Pingram.

The next photo is by Gilbert. What a stylish, bold and minimalist set of tools!

Last a photo of my creative tools.

Pictures of creative spaces and tools are a picture of creativity itself. A picture of the anticipation, of creative excitement.

It's so inspiring with a peek into other people's creative spaces, isn't it?


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Wood Camera



Flexible, fast photography app with an intuitive work flow and an elegant interface. Use the in-app camera to shoot with 22 lenses in real-time or import photos. Crop, and rotate. Add and tweak effects, texture, tilt-shift and frames.

What makes Wood Camera stand out

Create unique and interesting effects with Wood Camera's customisable filters that give the user more control over the final look.  

Photo sharing

Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.


iOS devices.




Powerful, intuitive and sophisticated photo editing with a gesture based interface. Add drama, grunge, tilt-shift, frames, vintage film or make selective adjustments. Auto Correct analyzes your photo and automatically adjusts color and exposure. All effects can be fine-tuned and adjusted to taste. Excellent in app help makes it easy to learn Snapseed.

What makes Snapseed stand out

Versatile & powerful. Innovative touch based interface that's easy-to-use.

Photo sharing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr.


iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac OSX.




Turn your photos into art in three easy steps. Begin by picking a moody filter, then add a special effect (such as bokeh, scratches, rainbow or a vignette) and finally a border. Use the Shuffle effect for a random combination.

What makes Pixlr-o-matic stand out

Autodesk's Pixlr-o-matic is easy to use and free.

Photo Sharing

Facebook, Flickr, and Dropbox.


Android, iOS devices, Windows, Mac OSX.




Hipstamatic brings the romance of the analog experience into the digital age. With this unique camera app you can emulate analog photography by swapping your lens, flash, and film to create artistic photos. Shake the camera for a random combination. Hipstamatic creates beautiful, artful results and offers incredible versatility and control. "Digital photography never looked so analog"

What makes Hipstamatic stand out

The feeling of shooting with an analog camera.

Photo Sharing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr. Order analog prints right from the app.


iOS devices.




Remove undesirable elements from your photos by painting over them with your fingers with TouchRetouch. It works like magic.

What makes TouchRetouch stand out

Fast, easy and can save the day photo. 

Photo sharing

Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Twitter.


iOS devices, Samsung Bada and Google Android.


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