Tidbits No. 34

Budding leaves. iPhoneography by Kate England. 

Budding leaves. iPhoneography by Kate England. 

Noisli is a beautiful and minimal background noise and colour generator app that was available only as web app when I recently wrote about it. Noisli lets you mix several audio sources like rain, wind, water, seaside, forest, thunderstorm, bonfire, summer night, white noise, pink noise and brown noise to create your own background stream to work with or relax to. Now, Noisli has released an iOS app on the App Store that brings all the goodness of the website into at the app where you also can set your mix of sounds to a fade-out timer. 

The popular camera app Hipstamatic has released a new app, Cinematic that lets you create beautiful short films. Record multiple short clips that transform into amazing short motion pictures. Cinematic takes the fuss out of editing footage by adding effects and transmissions automatically. 

Wordswag is one of the apps I featured in my guide to 20 Top Apps for Design and Visual Story Telling in 2014. Now they've released Videohance, a premium video editor that lets you effortlessly add filters, presets, music and authentic textures on the fly. You can use Videohance to create gorgeous films, make animated slideshows, video montages, or rescue videos that are too dark. 

Litely is a new photo-editing app for smartphone photos featuring subtle, film-inspired filters. Powerful, finger-friendly tools and elegant, precise filters. Litely is free and comes with 9 adjustable presets (3 variations of 3 filters), and 36 more are available as an in-app purchase.

In the digital era, Neil Young is on his own wavelength, recording his new vinyl-only album A Letter Home in single takes on acoustic guitar on a Voice-O-Graph booth.

Neil Young performs "Needle of Death," off his upcoming album, 'A Letter Home,' reproduced by Jack White and Neil, out May 27th.

Tidbits No. 16

iPhone photography: Going Home

iPhone photography: Going Home

Imagine a stream of childhood memories, leading from one to another. A photograph inside a photograph inside a photograph. Childhood memories captured in Norwegian Röjksopp's music video Eple

I just signed up for LOVE * GROW * EXPRESS: the creative Workshop.

Good news for iPad artists: Pressure-Sensitive Stylus. This stylus is also great for handwriting because it can help the iPad ignore your palm and wrist.  Compatible applications will let you rest your hand anywhere, and only respond to the pen tip. Yay! Pogo Connect.

A kind mention about Marmalade Moon and a note from my journal: "A Blank Page".

Would you like to experience the magic of Polaroid instant photography on your iPhone, iPad and Mac? Instant, the officially licensed Polaroid app on Mac, mimics the real classic Polaroid instant camera, with realistic visual and sound effects. Watch as  the film is slowly developed and the final picture unveils. Instant

Still a few spots left in the Creative iPhoneography Course — Reserve your spot here.

A Note in November

The Rhythm of Transcendence

The Rhythm of Transcendence

It's been thrilling to see students find their inner artists and take creative flight and I'm finding myself slowly landing after the excitement and work around my new Online Courses and Workshops. Turning inward, planning for the new year and making space and time. 

I'm sinking into painting and making video. Exploring fusion. Motion. Visual rhythm. Painting on my iPad. Photo. Print. Add motion. Paint again with acrylics. Merging, blending, experimenting...

It's incredibly exciting and I marvel at the exceptional apps that are so easy to use through touchscreen technology. Putting cutting-edge creative tools that are simple to use, literally in everyone's pocket! This is an exciting time for dreamers and creators! 

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