15 Essential Smartphone Photography Tutorials

Makr. A Designer in Your Pocket.

Makr is like having a designer in your pocket. Or rather on your tablet computer.

With just a few taps you can create your own stylish designs for stationery, branding and packaging. Start by picking one of the sophisticated templates, and customise it to create your own visual style for invitations, business cards, gift tags, product labels, stickers, menus, thank you notes and more. 

If you like you can tweak the colours, patterns, fonts, shapes and textures and you can add your own logo or other artwork. The Makr blog is full of design tips, ideas and creative inspiration.  


Here are some tips to think about if you want to add your own graphic: "We recommend importing your logo/graphic as a 300dpi transparent PNG file. That way it can be dropped into your project design without a white overlay and will also be a high enough resolution to ensure optimal printing quality. Learn a bit more about the logo-importing process here."

After you’ve finished your design, you can purchase a high-res PDF and print it out at home, or order professional prints and have your design delivered right to your door. The Makr app itself is available for free


Diana Photo App For Double Exposures

Diana Photo App For Double Exposures


7 Ways to Stop iOS 7 From Killing Your iPhone Battery.

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The blog turns 20: a conversation with three internet pioneers.

"We live in a technological universe in which we are always communicating. And yet we have sacrificed conversation for mere connection." The Flight From Conversation

8 Ways To Unlock Your Inner Creativity

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Before and After: A Vintage Record Cover

shades of lemon.jpg

I'd just updated my profile picture and wanted to see if I could do something creative with it. I thought I'd take the opportunity to create a vintage record cover with VinilyzeMe!, one of the apps featured in Apps for Design and Visual Story Telling. This is a fun app that taps into our nostalgia for retro artwork and music on LPs. 

My original self portrait was rather small in size, since I'd taken it with my iPhone's front facing camera. Because of that, my selfie became jagged and pixelated when I brought it into VinylizeMe!. With Big Photo I could resample my original image, resizing it without losing quality.  

Next I flipped my photo with Leonardo to create more variation to my album cover. 

Putting together your album cover in VinilyzeMe! is an easy process where you start by selecting one of the beautifully designed templates and add your own images and words. You can create your own record label, and as you can see I founded Moontone Records! Optionally you can also add scratches and wear and tear to your album cover. 

This was a fun and charming project. Lighthearted. 


Onboard. iPhone photo by Kate England. 

Onboard. iPhone photo by Kate England. 

Transform your pictures into beautiful vintage photo slides.

Excellent tutorial for a painterly photo edit (in Google translation to English). 

Just updated, my free magazine on Flipboard: iPhoneography: Mobile Art & Photography.

Hannah Höch: art's original punk. The dadaist artist who pioneered the art of the photomontage. Almost a century ago, her keen insight is that the profusion of images given us by the mass media might constitute "a new and fantastic field for a creative human being".



Here's a fresh bunch of inspiration for your smart phone photography:

See the world like an artist. You don’t need to paint to create beautiful water-colour images, Waterlogue captures the essence of your photos in brilliant, liquid color.

Stuck in a creative rut or looking for challenges to stretch your photography muscles? With the photo app OKDOTHIS you can turn photography into a game, with tasks as your goal for an image. Connect with other photographers and turn challenges into flashes of inspiration. 

Or maybe turning photography into a to-do list shared with a community sounds like it might kill your creative spark? Perhaps it's time to give yourself a photo detox?

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