Club Member of the Month: Wini Dougall

ALJ Hand drawn Mandala by Wini Dougall of Art, Love & Joy.

ALJ Hand drawn Mandala by Wini Dougall of Art, Love & Joy.

I’m so excited to introduce this new feature, putting the spotlight on members of Club Marmalade Moon and their creative projects! This month we’re kicking off by getting to know Wini Dougall. In just four months she gained 800 followers on Instagram, and she's put her beautiful mandalas on products like iPhone cases, cushions and tote bags. Find out more about Wini and her exciting Instagram project

Welcome Wini! Could you tell us a bit about your new creative project?

A few months ago, I set up a public Instagram account to share my artwork. Prior to that I had a private IG account, but a friend encouraged me to go public as a way to connect and share with a wider audience, as its become really popular.

Were there any obstacles setting this up or have you had any unexpected positive experiences?

No I did not experience any obstacles setting it up. It seemed to take off from the get go which was a pleasant surprise. I discovered that the IG community is welcoming, supportive, and engaging. I also found a group of people with similar interests and its since become my new favourite online hang out. 

Last year, I began a regular practice of drawing mandalas and I shared some of them on my IG feed, which was then reposted by several other members which was a lovely honour, and it brought new followers along for the ride too.

ALJ Illustration inspired by Edwardian jewelry by Wini Dougall of Art, Love & Joy. 

ALJ Illustration inspired by Edwardian jewelry by Wini Dougall of Art, Love & Joy. 

With your mandalas, you've created products like smartphone cases and tote bags? What does it feel like to see your artwork on a tangible product that you can use in your daily life?  

ALJ Society6 Products designed by Wini Dougall of Art, Love & Joy. 

ALJ Society6 Products designed by Wini Dougall of Art, Love & Joy. 

I think its fun to see your designs on products, and exciting when someone buys it. Its a nice feeling and rewarding to know that someone has chosen your design to brighten up their lives and that they will enjoy it as part of their daily life.

What are your tips for others who feel inspired by your project?

I'm still finding my way on IG, but I think its important to share in a genuine manner. Take nice photos, and show work in progress shots of your artwork as well as finished ones, because people enjoy seeing how your artwork is created, along with the materials you used.  Spend some time to engage with your community as well. Read and respond to comments on your posts, and visit other members and interact with their accounts as well.

To help grow your audience, use popular and relevant hashtags to help expand your reach. You can also participate in group challenges, competitions and projects, and sometimes these activities have official hastags you can use as well. There are some large accounts who may feature your work if you use their designated hashtag to submit to them, thereby attracting more attention to your work.

But I think the most important thing is to just have fun, and be realistic about how often you can post and how much time you will spend on IG. It can get a bit addictive!

Find Wini Dougall at
her blog Art Love and Joy | shop | Instagram | Pinterest

ALJ Mandala with Lucky Cat (hand drawn, freehand) by Wini Dougall of Art, Love & Joy.

ALJ Mandala with Lucky Cat (hand drawn, freehand) by Wini Dougall of Art, Love & Joy.

New Courses and Workshops

Pink paint. iPhone photo by Kate England. 

Pink paint. iPhone photo by Kate England. 



Discover the iPad as a revolutionary canvas for expressing yourself creatively. Paint with never-ending, non-toxic paints that  don't cause a mess to be cleaned up when I you're finished. An exciting mixture of experimental and traditional art techniques. At the end of April we'll celebrate by exhibiting our favourite work during Stockholm Culture Night



For more information and to register, please click here

Tidbits No. 39

Snowman and rose. iPhoneograpy by Kate England. 

Snowman and rose. iPhoneograpy by Kate England. 

Pixel Fireplace is a cozy, geeky type-controlled, big-pixeled screensaver for Mac and Windows. Throw on fresh logs, roast marshmallows and hotdogs, discover more commands or just sit back and enjoy the warm, crackling, flickering pixels while the logs burn down in real time. 

DIY Peppermint Candy Bowls 

Ashley Goldberg started a personal project on her Instagram this month where she shares a creatively wrapped gift everyday until Christmas. Complete with sources and how-to's her ideas are a great inspiration for unique gift wrapping. 

DIY Holiday Citrus Wreath

Artist Sonja Hinrichsen draws in the snow

9 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

Illustrator Helen Dardik has made these fun, free gift tags. 

12 Days of Creative Market: 92 handpicked creative products. Get $1,437 Value Bundle for Only $39. Grab the Bundle!

Linda Hollier's Award-Winning iPhoneography

It's so exciting to discover that Linda Hollier has received the Special Recognition Award for Women in the Arts, arranged by the ARTROM Network. Linda creates her artwork on her iPhone, and is a member of Club Marmalade Moon. After the holidays Linda will be doing an interview here at Marmalade Moon, in the meanwhile, take a look at Linda's art and read more about her at ARTROM

Find Linda in your favourite online space: 

Twitter @lindahollier
Portfolio LindART


Tidbits No. 38

First Autumn Leaves. iPhoneography by Kate England

First Autumn Leaves. iPhoneography by Kate England

Tidbits. Today with a mixed bag of creative iPhoneography apps and tips.  

Put scrapbooking in the palm of your hand with the Project Life app. This is scrapbooking without scissors, adhesive or tools. Layout pages with pre-defined templates or create your own. Add photos, text, scans, backgrounds and use Speech-to-Text for fast journaling.

iPhoneography apps for depth of field.

Create unique oversized posters with your iPhone or iPad and a simple printer with Raster Pro

Epicurious: The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Food Photography, From Lighting To Editing.

29 essential photography apps.

Alternative Processes: Impermanence by South Korean artist Seung-Hwan OH.

Tidbits No. 37

Garden Snail. iPhone photo by Kate England. 

Garden Snail. iPhone photo by Kate England. 

Tidbits. A mixed bag of inspiration for a creative digital life. 

Make your own bitmap font with the free BitFontMaker2™ BitMap Font Editor or use iFontMaker (mentioned in Apps for Design and Visual Story Telling) on your iPad. 

Effective marketing for introverts

Written permission is commonly known in the photography world as a model or property 'release'. Visual Media Release is an iPhone app which lets you capture signatures for release forms straight on your phone.

Have you seen Davinia's poetic iPhoneography? At her blog Creative iPhoneography she chronicles her creative discoveries and offers interesting tips and tutorials. One of her tutorials is on How to make your own textures with your iPhone. You'll also find her as dalgeri on Instagram. 

How to Create Flower Embellished Photo Art 

Cinemagraphs or Cinegraphs are eye-catching hybrid images that combine still photography with motion. The Cinemagraph is described as a "living photograph". It blends a still photo with a part in motion and is published in an animated GIF format. The result is a subtle, seamless, looped animation. You can make your own with Cinemagram

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