An Update on Creative Minutes


It's been a fortnight since I started the Creative Minutes Project, where I've been trying to find ways to have fun growing my creative projects organically, each day, in small bite sized chunks of time and I've documented the process here on my blog. So how has it worked out?

Well, sometimes I've cheated. Especially when I worked on the watercolour studies of trees, that lead to the image "Blue Branches". I spent a lot longer than 15 minutes on these studies, but each time I started working on them, I thought to myself that "I only need to put in quarter of an hour", and perhaps that got me going long enough to get absorbed and into a state of flow...

It's been a joy for me to document my creative process and to show it to my visitors. I feel that the creative work I do, even in small blocks of time, was made visible through this project, and it was empowering to see that even when time was short, I had indeed been developing my creative ideas.

I also felt it was very rewarding to prioritise my personal creativity in this way. No, cooking or playing with children or picking a fabric for a sofa did not count although I think all these things are creative activities.

Turning this project into something I blogged about, rather than simply doing on my own, did have an influence on the outcome. On one hand, blogging about it took time too, to add to the actual Creative Minutes. On the other hand, it made me accountable, and helped me stay on track. And it made me feel less shy about showing my unfinished work to the world, the creative process.

It's been fun to share this process here on my blog, but I think that if I continued blogging about it daily, I would risk that it turning into being "for show and not for blow" so I'm thinking of continuing my Creative Minutes in an offline journal in the future, just to keep for myself. Actually, perhaps I'll blog about it again, but not on a permanent basis.

My blogging activities are winding down now and I'll be focusing on completing work that needs to be finished before the holidays, redecorating the studio, migrating to brand new iMacs as well as sending a winter holiday letter to members of Club Marmalade Moon, releasing two winter wonderland wallpapers, and preparing for Christmas. I can't wait to start the New Year making something with the pattern that emerged in The Red Bird! Wait, did I say something about slowing down?

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