Before & After: Street View

 Street View

Street View

Before & After, a series that brings a peek into the creative process of creating mobile art and photography.

This piece started as street photography, an iPhoneography shot of a mannequin in a shop window. A few months later this image took new shape, through my participation in a prompt at Breaking New Ground hosted at iPhoneArt. The theme was to use Pop Dot Comics HD, an app that helps you "create comic-book style illustrations". I picked this image as my starting point because a mannequin is reminds me of the stylised characters of many comic books. 

Browse the slideshow below to see my creative process, and after that a list of the apps I used to create this piece. I hope you enjoy the creative journey! 

Apps I used to create this photomontage:

  • Camera app Hipstamatic
  • Pop Dot Comics HD (comic book, halftone style)
  • Part™ create geometric art work in a simple, intuitive interface
  • Decim8. "a digital tool for photographic destruction"
  • Layover to create the photomontage. "a fun photography app that lets you blend the colors and textures of up to five pictures to create a single image" 

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