Before & After: Untitled Blue

 mobile art: untitled blue

mobile art: untitled blue

Before & After, a series that offers a peek into the creative process of creating mobile art and photography.

mobile photography: footsteps in snow

This image emerged when I participated in a prompt at Breaking New Ground hosted at iPhoneArt. The challenge was to use Percolator, a fun and beautifully animated app that helps you create images in a neo-pointillist style, with a graphic twist. 

This piece started as photo of footsteps in the snow. Below you can follow my creative process, and after that a list of the apps I used to create this piece. There were a lot of steps to this piece, below are about half of them. Each variation was blended in with the piece. I hope you enjoy the creative journey! 

Apps I used to create this image:

  • Camera app Hipstamatic
  • Snapseed. Essential photo editor. 
  • Percolator. Create photo mosaics.  
  • Glaze. Turns your photo into a painting with a stroke-based, non-photorealistic rendering algorithm.
  • Image Blender to blend my different variations into one image. 

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