Free Creative Jumpstart Course


Ignite Your Creative Spark

A new, free course to boost your creativity and build creative momentum, begins this week! Members of Club Marmalade Moon will be getting this course for free!

Why Now?

Every week I get questions from club members asking "how can I make time for creativity and how can I build creative momentum?" This class will help you break your creative time down into tiny managable pieces and get you started building momentum.

This summer my new ecourse about iPhone Photography is released. The course will be about awakening your inner creative using the tool that you have in your pocket, and delivered in doable chunks for 6 weeks. But you need to get grounded in your creativity before you spend more time on expanding your creative life. This free course will get you ready for creative growth.

Jumpstart Your Unique Creative Expression

  • • spark your creativity
  • • start building creative momentum
  • • explore your unique creative expression
  • • use simple tools that you've already got

To make it easy to succeed, the course will be delivered to you in 8 tiny, to-the-point, practical and bite-sized chunks, so that it's really easy for you to follow through and be successful. Creative Jumpstart is a free four week course, delivered to your inbox on Mondays and Fridays.

In this course we'll work on a practical project that you can complete with pen and paper. Optionally document your creative process with a camera (any old camera will do, a mobile phone works great).

This will be a time for you to spark your unique creativity and begin weaving creativity into your days.

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