Creative Summer Space

 Summer Space

Summer Space

On my way to the underground, down by the brook in the park, day after day I see a man at a distance. He's practicing his electric guitar on a portable amp. (No he's not in this picture, I'm too shy to ask if I can take his photo, and he looks like he wants to play the guitar, not have his photo taken.)

It looks so relaxing and creative and it reminds me that you can find creative time and space in unexpected places. Beautiful, creative space that doesn't cost anything.

This summer I'm taking some creative time and finding space outdoors, away from my computer. In the meanwhile, I'll (probably) be writing here about my creative inspiration, and summer adventures in Stockholm, but I'll turn off comments (at least most of the time). If you'd like to get in touch with me you're more than welcome to connect through email, and if you enjoy my writings, please consider "liking" on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter.

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