Discovering iPhone Photography

 Discovering iPhone photography

Discovering iPhone photography

I've been asked a lot of questions about my photography and here's the scoop. All of the photos on my blog are shot with my iPhone.

When I first got my iPhone in 2008, I’d never guessed what a huge inspiration it would turn out to be for me! I had no idea that I'd be using it as one of my creative tools. I thought it would be a communication tool, handy for work, but of course the first thing I did was to start exploring the device as an exciting new creative medium.  A new way to express myself creatively.

Creative Space

My iPhone soon became the digital playground where my creative process begins, capturing ideas with the camera, voice memos and notes. Next it became a place to fully express myself with finger painting and photography. I found that the iPhone offers opportunities for easy on-the-go creativity. My iPhone has become my portable, digital studio.

Creative Time

With my iPhone in my hand, I could stop putting my creativity on hold during busy days, because in pockets of time, I could make space for creativity. And there's no mess to clean up, nothing to prepare, just launch and go, which makes it so easy to start building a creative habit. A practice.

 iPhone photography: on the road

iPhone photography: on the road

Creative Process

I try to keep the creative process simple, leaving space for spontaneity and exploration. In my camera bag, I keep a small selection of apps. This helps keeping the creative process easy and fun. Too many choices can be paralyzing.

Creative Tools

Sometimes I use apps to post-process my photography, but occasionally I don't use any additional software at all. Just raw iPhone photography. All my images are taken with an iPhone and processed with apps on the iPhone.

I really like the immediacy of iPhoneography. There's something endlessly satisfying about the simplicity of iPhoneography, trusting the moment, seeing what happens. Finding moments of serendipity. Building creative momentum from the instant gratification of iPhoneography.

The best camera is the one that's with you Chase Jarvis

 iPhone photography: spoon and roses

iPhone photography: spoon and roses

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