Mind the Gap: Making Space In-Between

 iPhone photo: writing a letter

iPhone photo: writing a letter

What ever happened to solitude? The pause, the space in-between? That moment of reflection and day dreaming. Time to reframe, refresh and renew. To be present in the moment and connect deeply with other people and ourselves? 

It's so easy to gradually fill that space with busywork. Internet tasks like Facebook updates and blog statistics and suddenly find yourself out of time. 

During my Easter break I reestablished some of the things I love to do to relax, and since then I've been guarding that space like a hawk.

  • Reading books
  • Writing actual letters and notecards
  • Doing Yoga
  • Creative me time (without any purpose)
  • Going for walks
  • Writing in my notebook

And this has put me in a different frame of mind. I'm thinking more about the bigger picture and structure. Simplifying and streamlining the smaller things both in my online and offline life.

This spring, you'll find more writings here at Marmalade Moon, about giving your digital life a spring cleaning, developing a slower pace, more focus and turning your bloated iPhone photo roll into a tidy, organised space.  

There's something about the energy, both in the spring and in the autumn, that makes it feel like a good time for renewal?

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