Organising Your iPhone & iPad

 How to organize your iPhone and iPad

Just like decluttering your desktop space by deleting unused apps can help you stay focused, organising your remaining apps can make it much easier and more fun to use your device. 

Rearranging Apps

To rearrange apps on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod or iPad), press and hold the app you want to remove until it "wobbles" then, arrange the apps by dragging them. Press the home button to save your arrangement.

 Organising your apps

Organising your apps

Organizing your iPhone by Using Home Screens

It makes sense to want the apps that we most often use on our main home screen. One way to keep the rest of your apps organised and easy to find, is to sort them onto different home screens. For example, you could use one home screen for social media apps, one for utilities and so on. 

Reduce Clutter by Creating Folders

You can reduce the clutter by grouping apps together in folders. For example, gather all of your photography apps in one folder. To create a folder, tap and hold the app until all the apps start jiggling. Now drag one of the apps onto another. This will create the folder and give it a default name which you can edit if you like. If you want to add more apps to the folder, keep dragging them into the folder. When you’ve finished creating your new folder, tap the Home button to stop the jigging.


It can be helpful to name your folders by action. For example, instead of using a category like "productivity" you might name a folder "organise" or "do". Instead of "media" you might consider "reading", "play" or "learn". 

Help, I Can't Find an App!

What if you can't find an app that you put in a folder, but now you can’t remember which folder!? 

To locate your app, start by navigating to your home screen. wipe to the right to activate spotlight search and type in the name of the app you're looking for. 

In iOS7: swipe down on any page of your homescreen to reveal the search bar.

Using the Dock for Easy Access to Apps You Use Frequently 

For apps you use frequently, you can create a shortcut to make those apps easily available on every page. Tap and hold an app. When they start to jiggle, drag the app or folders of apps to the bottom of the screen (dock). This will help you to find an app quickly, no matter which page you're on. To remove an app from the dock, simply press and hold the icon and drag it out of the dock and back onto your screen.

 A folder in the dock

Put a Folder in the Dock

To drag a folder into the dock, you will have to create it first on the screen, then drag it to the dock. 

Organising Your Device With iTunes

You can organise your apps via iTunes if you prefer. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Select your device and tap Apps.

Select an app and drag it to move it to a different page. You can create folders the same way by dragging an app into another app and optionally renaming the folder. 

Organising Your Smartphone & Tablet

There are many ways to organise and make your iPhone or iPad your own. When you've started to buy some apps and know more about how you like to use your smartphone or tablet, a little time spent organising can save time, increase your productivity and make your device more fun and easy to use.

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