Pruning My Digital Life

 iPhone photography: Magnolia    

iPhone photography: Magnolia


I'm reinventing my digital life. Again. It always seems to creep up on me, the increasing time I spend in my digital environment. The number of web sites on my RSS-feed and the jumble of e-mail in my inbox. Time with social media.

Today I saw a hedgehog outside the studio and took this photo of magnolia with my iPhone. And as I write this blog post, the evening breeze touches me with the scents of spring. This elusive time of year when each day the leaves on the trees open more. Shades of green, from lime to deep green. Blossoms...

It's time to do some pruning and tiding up. Both in my balcony garden and in my digital life. The stream of information has become a flood. I need to take a step back to find some peace and quiet and to enjoy the summer. It's time to spend more time out of doors than in my digital life.

This summer you'll see less of me on Twitter and Facebook. I won't be spending so much time visiting and commenting on blogs.

However, I'll still be blogging regularly and Marmalade Moon will be updated each Tuesday, with an additional post later in the week if I have any extra news. I'll soon be sending out the Spring Edition of Club Marmalade Moon and I'm putting the finishing touches to some desktop art soon to be released. So there'll be lots going on. But I'll also be making space for having some magnolia moments.

What are your plans for your digital life this summer? Will you be taking a vacation from your desktop environment or will it be a time when you perhaps enjoy spending a little more time on your computer projects?

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