The Red Bird

Something astonishing happened while I was creating this illustration. Three nights in a row, I heard a bird sing just as I was watching the moon. That's something quite unusual at this time of year, to hear a bird sing at all, and particularly at night... So I realised that a bird had to be part of this illustration, and I created a bird that is red and alone, so the bird would stand out as clearly as the birdsong I had heard.

I'd like to make curtains like this! I'm not sure how I could make it a repeating pattern vertically, but I'll see what I can do to put this idea into print. This is a creative dream I'd like to bring into my new year!

Here you can get a peek into the creative process of The Red Bird. How it started off with the basic composition with bare trees and a full moon. How I added snow and then a bird that got too detailed to fit in with the rest of the image. How I gave the bird flat colours so it would fit in with its surroundings, although I still miss the bird in all its glory!

 Creative process of the Red Bird

Creative process of the Red Bird

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