The Secret of iPhone Collages

 Collage created on an iPhone

Collage created on an iPhone

If you’re interested in learning how to to create an artful, poetic, digital photo collage, you’re in luck! Award winning iPhone photographer Lumilyon has written the second free tutorial in her amazing series. This time she reveals how she creates her stunning, dreamy digital collages using her iPhone!

In this unique tutorial you'll learn:

  • one of Lumilyon’s techniques for creating a collage using an iPhone
  • how to create an interesting background with just one click of an app
  • how to extract an element from a photograph and collage it onto another
  • how to blend two two photographs together by blurring them
 iPhone photo and art apps

iPhone photo and art apps

You’ll need 3 creative photography apps to follow along in this guide for how to create a digital collage using your iPhone:

  • Tiny Planets – Stereographic photos on your iPhone (free app!)
  • Juxtaposer – Fun and Intuitive Photo Compositing App for your iPhone and iPod Touch
  • BlurFX – Fantastic out of focus pictures

Now head on over to this priceless tutorial: iPhone Tutorial 02: Little Fishy Collages.

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