Soon September

 iPhone Photography: Roses outside the studio

iPhone Photography: Roses outside the studio

Clinging onto summer. Although life has picked up speed, I'm trying to hold on to pockets of easy and slow life. Simple cooking. Swims in the lake when the weather permits. Either there's been a heat wave or else it's been rainy and chilly, and it's like summer never quite happened this year. Although, of course it did. Actually, it's still summer, I'm just being a bit dramatic I suppose...

Despite a wonderful and inspiring journey to Visby during our vacation in June, I wouldn't say no to another week, or two, of beautiful summer weather to recharge and soak up the sun before autumn begins.

How has your summer been? Are you ready for the promise of change in September, for a fresh start with sharpened pencils and leather boots, or would you rather linger on in sandals, dipping your toes in the warm lake?

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