The Sound of a Typewriter

 The Sound of a Typewriter

The Sound of a Typewriter

What is it That's so Appealing About Vintage Technology?

The sound of a typewriter, the feeling of winding up your watch. An envelope, handwriting, stamps and postmarks... Can it be that they're tactile, and appeal to several of our senses, with their look, sound and touch? Just like modern technology lets us use our sense of touch?

Today our lives are infused by mobile technology; constantly connected and interacting with our devices and at the same time there's a fascination with retro technology. Old cameras, vinyl, rotary dial phones, cassette tapes and vintage radios. Mobile photography has brought new life to analog film effects like the Polaroid and lo-fi styles and popular iPhone cases transform your iPhone into a vintage camera.

Turn Your Mac into a Classic Typewriter

Noisy Typer is a delightful, free piece of software that emulates classic typewriter sounds as you type. It even produces the classic ding and carriage return noises when you start a new paragraph! (A big thank you to my brother Edmund England for the tip!). Noisy Typer is a project produced by Free Art and Technology and you can download it for free here.


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