A Stolen Creative Moment

 Hipstamatic shot: art and photography

Hipstamatic shot: art and photography

Sometimes life gets so busy that there's just doesn't seem to be any time left for personal creative expression. But as Emily pointed out, that's when photography comes to the rescue. She says that the "opportunity to record a moment every single day is what keeps me sane. It keeps me seeing (the beauty around me) and allows me to express myself but only takes a moment to complete". I couldn't agree more, after all, one image takes less than a second to make. 

Here's a creative moment, an image shot with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone, testing the new FreePak I mentioned in my last Friday Tidbits. A moment captured between a ton of cut-off dates for my work as a freelance designer, a mentoring session with a Creative iPhoneography alumnus, writing the December letter for members of Club Marmalade Moon, creating a special treat to go with the Club Letter, and dinner with my brother (who took the photo in the photo) and his wonderful girlfriend. 

What are your tips for finding creative time? 

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