A Sunlit Saturday

 iPhone photography: The Victoria Cinema

iPhone photography: The Victoria Cinema

There has been four hours of sunlight in November... no wonder I've been feeling a bit under the weather! I was sort of glad to get it in black and white today, just to know that I wasn't imagining it! SMHI (the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) reported that so far, there have been four hours of sunlight in Stockholm during November. The average apparently is 54 hours of sunlight.

But today it was sunny and the sky was blue! So in one single day there was more sunlight than there has been for the rest of the whole month!

Tomorrow a rain and snowstorm is predicted, and the rest of November is expected to be scarce on sunlight, so of course I had to go for a long walk today! I took lots of photos with the camera in my mobile phone, most didn't come out very well as I was perusing birds, and they don't tend to pose and smile at the camera!

Today the French theme took off again. First a stop at the absolutely wonderful café and restaurant Petite France, (check out the baker Sebastien Boudet's delicious blog Un peu, beaucoup, passionement, à la folie) for café au lait and croissants, Pain au Chocolat. Then past the City Hall, through the Old Town ending up at the cinema Victoria and Coco Before Chanel (to see a movie trailer click here).


What an inspiring day!

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