The Bigger Picture

 iPhone photo: spring fever

iPhone photo: spring fever

Lately, I've been thinking about paying more attention to the bigger picture and making room for the people and things that really matter

For Marmalade Moon this mindset means building blocks of really useful tutorials and guides for harnessing your creativity with your iPhone or iPad. To make room for this development, I'll be slowing down my blogging pace, publishing new posts once a week, on Mondays. 

Just now I'm writing a tutorial for how to organise your digital iPhone photos and I've only just put together a new guide for Top Apps for Photo Effects, Filters and Post Processing. Hope you enjoy it! 

Some other things in the works are new iPhoneography art shows with student work from my recent courses and interviews with developers of exciting apps for mobile photography and art.

I'm delighted to introduce free promo codes for interesting art and photo apps as a new club perk for members of Club Marmalade Moon! Promo codes are handed out on a first come, first serve basis and they have been going like hotcakes! 

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