The Magical Light of the Golden Hour

 The Magical Light of the Golden Hour

The Golden Hour or Magic Hour

Natural light is a powerful tool for photographers. Find out how you can make the most of the light during the golden hour. 

Photographers love the golden hour (also known as magic hour). The first and last hour of sunlight during the day, when the sun is low, shadows are longer and the light is soft and warm. During this time photographers are gifted with, extraordinary, diffused light and saturated colors that make everything look beautiful and magical. This is when many movies are shot and photographs taken.


The golden hour brings soft, flattering light to your portraits. The diffused light produces gorgeous, warm lighting and eliminates harsh daylight shadows.

Landscapes and Cityscapes

The sun illuminates buildings and landscapes with a desirable ambient, golden and orange tint. Landscapes are saturated and architecture gains more depth and character.  


The golden hour is a perfect time for playing with shadows. Add dimension and depth to your street and landscape photography by catching elongated shadows. Add a creative layer by capturing the shadows from your own body.

Silhouettes & Backlighting

Silhouettes convey contrast, mystery, emotion, mood and drama and work very well during sunsets. Both bold and simple, yet they give the viewer something to fill in with their own imagination. 


Thin objects like hair and grass, can get an interesting halo effect or rim lighting. The trick is to hide the light either behind the person or object you're photographing, or out of frame. 


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