Through Another's Eyes

 iPhone photo: sunset on the lake

iPhone photo: sunset on the lake

Every morning I'm inspired by interesting images. There is beauty, exploration, details, textures, light, motion and imagination waiting for me at our online course space. We're in the middle of the course Creative iPhoneography, and it's such a treat to see everyone's work.

Exploring in a group opens up so many possibilities. We can learn techniques and be inspired by each other creatively as well as find hidden pockets of time that allow us to spend some creative me time in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a busy day. 

For four weeks we get to see through each other's eyes. Since we're an international group, we get to travel the world, catching glimpses of each other's days and environments. The little things. The extraordinary things.

So while we open our eyes and become more aware of our own surroundings, we also get to discover each other's. Often you'll find that what seems mundane to you is exotic and exciting to someone else

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