Tidbits No. 14

 mobile photography: icy day

mobile photography: icy day

Are you willing to do something new? "If you develop an appetite for learning and openness, you're more likely to be able to draw ideas from multiple disciplines - and be more creative."

Noteworthy app: ProCamera 4.0: Great New Features Without the Bloat!

The iPhone Arts have tested Hipstamatic’s new Tintype lens/film

"The swift pace at which we create images is only matched by the pace at which we discard them and yet, paradoxically, we’ve never been more engaged with images. Photography is less about document or evidence and more about community and experience … and that’s not a bad thing." Stephen Mayes: Photographs Are No Longer Things, They’re Experiences 

Society6 artists from Brooklyn to Barcelona bring you an endless supply of Grade-A quality Artist Wallpapers and Backgrounds to satisfy your recommended daily dosage of retina candy - all for FREE. Updated daily. Society6 Daily Art Wallpapers and Backgrounds

The original CameraBag was the very first vintage iPhone photo app, sparking what now has become a major trend. This is the app that once ignited my interest for iPhoneography. Now the app has been updated to the degree that it's a whole new app, CameraBag 2, with new beautiful effects that you can adjust, intuitive interface, hi-fidelity rendering, and randomiser. 

This week we're looking for hidden pockets of creative time and space in the Getting Started with iPhoneography Course.  

This is breathtaking: A Study of Light, Shadows, and Framing: Street Photos by Ray Metzker

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