Tidbits No. 15

Mobile photography: melting ice
Mobile photography: melting ice

"Creating iPad art is easy with ArtRage. I think it feels as close to real painting as you could expect from a tablet. I’ll show you how I use it, but the best way to work it out is to play with it yourself" How to create iPad Art with ArtRage

Creating digital art and how using the iPad mini was a game changer for Jen: The Right Tool Makes All the Difference

Limited edition photo appThe Light Camera I and recourses for digital artists10 Microscopic Grit Textures

How to Photograph Your Paintings (unfortunately you'll need a good deal more than an iPhone for this project)

How to organise a photo library with Lightroom 

Are you keeping yourself so busy that you're undermining your own creativity? "Our insatiable need to tune into information – at the expense of savoring our downtime – is a form of “work” (something I call “insecurity work”) that we do to reassure ourselves." What Happened to Downtime

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