Tidbits No. 1

 iPhoneography: Culinary Red

iPhoneography: Culinary Red

Tidbits. A weekly mix of inspiration, sparks of genius, beauty, illumination and laughter illustrated with my Instagram photos

Caffeine iPhone wallpaper by Susan Kare, the pioneer of pixel art who created the Mac’s original icons and fonts.

A Text Generator with a Sweet Tooth: Cupcake Ipsum - Sugar-coated Lorem Ipsum Generator.

Free Printable "Let's Do Coffee" Cards.

Vintage USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard. Blue Smith Corona Sterling with "Mad Men" Style. (A big thank you to artist Wini of Art Love and Joy for the tip!)

iPhone photography: The ultimate guide "Everything you need to know about composing, taking, and editing great photos, macros, panoramas, and HDR photos with your iPhone, and taking your iPhoneography to the next level."

Croppola automatically crops your photos to create the best composition. Intelligent photo-cropping based on algorithms that capture the essence of excellent, professional photographic composition. Available as iOS app for iPad, iPhone and iPod and web based app.

This week we're telling stories from our lives with photos in the Creative iPhoneography Course. Photo at the top: coffee, tomatoes and nectarines. Part of my ongoing story about my cooking adventures.

Noteblox are blank journals (with real paper!) that magnetically attach to your iPad, to your pen or stylus, and to each other combining the analog + digital worlds.


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