Tidbits No. 24

 iPhoneography: glowing carrot in salad

iPhoneography: glowing carrot in salad

Photographer John Schabel’s series of heavily grained images capture airline passengers through the window before takeoff or on landing

Add another dimension to your photography by capturing the moment with a photo and illustrating it with a soundscape. Snap a picture, tap to listen. Soundgramr

This clever typeface has been created from the pieces of a deconstructed camera.

Overwhelmed by all the different image sharing platforms? With Cooliris you can discover and share all in one place and selectively share with your group of close friends. Effortlessly swipe through photos in an immersive 3D media viewing space. Experience photos from your iPad or iPhone library, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, Twitter, Ren Ren, Google+, Google Drive, and Google Search. 

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