Tidbits No. 46

"Dionne Swift is a textile artist based in Holmfirth in West Yorkshire. She gets inspiration from walks in the landscape on the moors and valleys. She draws using oil pastel and charcoal to produce interpretations of her photos taken from her walks which then go on to form the basis for her machine embroidered art works. Her sewing machine becomes her tool of expression with high speed stitching giving a fast paced energy to the finished pieces. Dionne uses her skills to also make products and run workshops as part of her practice. This film gives a snapshot of her working process."

Make music fast with Skram. [image above]

 [design trends] Several shades of grey and Milan Design Week 2016.

The chatbots aren’t very good, but that doesn’t mean Facebook isn’t proud of them anyway: “I guarantee you’re going to spend way more money than you want on this,” Marcus chuckled on stage. 

Move over, chatbots: meet the artbots

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