Finding Pockets of Creative Time for On-the-go Creative Expression


Writing a New Free Course to Spark Your Creativity

Busy days. Lots going on. I'm writing the first free course to spark your creativity, for members of Club Marmalade Moon, based on feedback from the members. The feedback is still coming in and it's incredibly interesting and touching to read about how everyone feels around their creative lives. Because creativity is a basic human need, that we often find hard to make space for in our lives. Yet we all have a need to express ourselves.

Pockets of Time for on-the-go Creative Expression

In the meanwhile it's early spring. Snow one day and the next day this, delicate greens and blues... Those days that pass so fast, when nature wakes up, and each day is different. Those fleeting moments that seem to dispel in front of my eyes, like snow touching the ground at the end of April, melting in a wet kiss... On busy days like this when there's no time to get my paints out and start mixing them, or sink into the focus and time I need for writing, I can still always find a few moments of creative expression with iPhone photography. Find a pocket of creative time. Because the beauty is there, around me, when I lift my eyes. All I need to do is to really see it, and use the tool that's always in my pocket, to capture the moment. I put down my grocery bags on the pavement, and snap a photo. Creative expression in less than a minute.

How do You find Creative Time?

How do you find time and space for creative expression? What is your favourite express route to creativity? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments or drop me an email!

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