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Mobile Art & Photography

To make it really easy to succeed, these courses for mobile art and photography are broken down into in small, to-the-point, practical and bite-sized chunks that you can put into action when and where it suits you

Build creative momentum at your own pace with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Work independently or with one-to-one coaching with me.

Explore an art form that can stretch to fit any time slot you have available and it that doesn't create a mess to be cleaned up when you're finished.


Tips, encouragement, techniques and prompts that you can put into action directly. Discover your inner artist with hands-on ideas for easy on-the-go creativity. 


Mobile photography and art will stretch and shrink to fit any time slot you have available and it doesn't cause a mess to be cleaned up when I you're finished


Live a richer life. Turn off the noise. Turn on your creativity. Discover ways of weaving creativity into your daily life using the tool that's already in your pocket.


Awaken your inner artist

Creative iPhoneography Ecourse

4 Weeks to Reclaim Your Creative Time and Uncover Your Unique Style and Expression

Learn how to make the most of the camera on your smartphone and turn your iPhone into an exciting, powerful creative tool.


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Getting Started with iPhoneography

2 weeks to begin to build creative momentum and awaken your slumbering creativity. 

Available at introductory price. 

Get going with iPhone photography and make room for your need to express yourself creatively. Find out how to harness your creativity with your iPhone in this Ecourse.


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The Deep End 


Alumni Workshops

  • Develop your personal style and expression.
  • Digg deeper into your tools. Expand your knowledge of  key apps and techniques. 
  • A laboratory for your imagination.

Introducing The Deep End

A series of advanced courses for alumni.

Online Christmas Card Workshop

Create and send your own beautiful Christmas cards directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Online Weekend Workshop/Ecourse


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