Hello, I'm Kate England

I'm a freelance artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. I specialise in whimsical, expressive and vibrant designs that entertain, engage and inspire. I have 15 + years experience of making stories come to life.  

“With great sense of colour, Kate England uses her bold and expressive style to create whimsical, and vibrant illustrations. Her unique and distinctive style has been appreciated by various clients within Scandinavia and worldwide. With her strong integrity and personal style and touch, Kate has been commissioned for advertising and editorial work, icons, patterns, e-learning, and websites.” 

I have a background as a graphic designer, creating icons mainly for American corporations such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Since 2013, my focus has been illustration and I have been producing artwork for e-learning. My job is to create graphics as well as illustrations for animations. So when I am finished, the animator has a smorgasbord of artwork to set into motion.

I create magnified moments, drawing inspiration from my Swedish and British heritage, travel, science, food, nature, technology and a sense of wonder and magic.

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“I worked with Kate during the Trends Workshop. I was impressed with her creativity and high-quality graphics. She inspired her peers in the workshop, was supportive and wonderful to communicate with. Based on the outstanding work she created in the workshop, I would recommend Kate as a graphic designer, surface designer and illustrator. She will bring fresh ideas to any project and delivers excellent graphics under tight deadlines”
— Sabina Radeva, Art Director, Design Garden + The Ink Nest
Kate is a talented, focused artist who excels at finding creative solutions to problems. She has the technical skills and the design sense to produce top-notch graphics, illustration and written content. She’s deadline driven, self-motivated and often thinks outside the box when presented with challenges. I highly recommend her for your design, illustration and graphic needs.
— Gedeon Maheux, Principal/Designer, The Iconfactory
Kate has an abundance of creative energy and a talent through which she can focus that energy into the most startling results. Her drive and initiative, artistic talent and personable nature makes her a joy to work with.
— Rasmus Strand, Fujitsu Sweden

But Why is it Called Marmalade Moon? 

A Digital Romance

Founded in 1997, Marmalade Moon started off as a place for  experimenting with digital art and making our digital environments beautiful. 

Next I started designing illustrations, stickers, icons and user experiences for clients all over the world.  

Over the past five years, commercial and educational illustrations have been the primary focus of my career.

I'm always interested in new and exciting projects so do get in touch

It was August, I was designing a web site for myself and my digital art, but what was it going to be called? I had visited some friends in their summer cottage in the archipelago. We had been picking cherries in their garden.

Standing at a bus stop, half way back to town, waiting for my bus to arrive on a dusty road, the moon rose, behind dark pine trees. It was huge. And orange. Like marmalade. Marmalade Moon.

A member of:

Svenska Tecknare
(The Association of Swedish Illustrators
and Graphic Designers)
Women Who Draw
The Swedish Pattern Society

Work featured at:

UPPERCASE magazine
The App Store

There are two ways to live:
you can live as if nothing is a miracle;
you can live as if everything is a miracle
— Albert Einstein