Decluttering Your iPhone & iPad

 How to declutter you iPhone, iPod and iPad
 Decluttering your iPhone. Deleting apps you no longer use. 

Decluttering your iPhone. Deleting apps you no longer use. 

With the sheer number of apps available, it's fun and often inexpensive to try out new, exciting apps. It can easily become a bit of an addiction (do you ever feel like an appoholic?), and you wind up with so many apps that your smartphone (or tablet) becomes a cluttered mess. 

Just like on your computer, unused software takes up extra room on your tablet or smartphone’s storage and makes it harder to find the apps you do use. Cleaning out and organising the apps you use frequently makes it easier for you to focus and find what you need and enjoy to use. It also frees up extra space and helps your device run smoother.

Deleting Unused Apps

To uninstall apps on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod or iPad), press and hold the app you want to remove until it "wobbles" and then tap the small “X” that appears in the corner to uninstall it. 

 Using iTunes to declutter your apps.

Using iTunes to declutter your apps.


When you connect your device to iTunes, you can get a quick overview of the different types of apps you've installed. 

You can view your apps by Category by using the ‘Sort By’ button. This will give you a picture of the types of apps you've got. For example, if you've got several apps with a similar function, you might like to delete the ones you don't use.  Alternatively, you might like to remove apps that take a lot of space. 

What if I Change my Mind? 

If you change your mind you can restore an app that you used to have, directly from your iPhone, iPod or iPad. You won't be charged twice for an app or in-app purchase, provided you use the same iTunes account login. Open the App Store, search for the app and reinstall it. It’s that easy. 

When You've decluttered your iPhone or iPad, it'll be so much easier to organise your remaining apps

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