How to Change the Wallpaper on your iPhone, iPod and iPad

How to Change the Wallpaper on your iPhone, iPod and iPad

One of the fun things about the iPhone (iPad and iPod touch) is that you can customise the wallpaper to make your device personal. It can be a fun way to express your personal taste. You could use a photo you've taken yourself, or find a wallpaper you like at one of the many online resources for wallpapers, save it to your device and use it as a backdrop.  

There are actually two different kinds of wallpaper you can change. First the Lock Screen, the screen that you see when you wake up your iPhone to unlock it. Next the Home Screen, the image you see behind your apps. You can either use the same image for both screens, or use different ones for each screen. 

How to set your wallpaper

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. In the Settings screen select Brightness & Wallpaper
  3. Tap Wallpaper
  4. Now you'll have several options. This includes Wallpaper (Apple's pre-installed selection of Wallpapers), Camera Roll (pictures taken with your built-in camera), photos taken with any photo apps, or the names of folders you've synced to the phone. Pick the collection you want to use as a wallpaper by tapping it
  5. Select the image you'd like to use as a wallpaper by tapping it. If it's a photo, you can adjust the photo by moving and scaling it (if it's one of the built in wallpapers, you can't zoom in or adjust it). When you're happy, tap Set (or Cancel if you change your mind).
  6. Next, choose if you want to set this image for your home screen, lock screen, or both. Tap the option you prefer, or tap Cancel if you've changed your mind.

You're done! 


You can make a photo library in iTunes for your iPhone wallpapers and name it something like iPhone Wallpapers to easily find wallpapers you want to use on your iPhone.