Creative Minutes


Alright, I've got creative projects I love to work with, and it's one thing when I've got large blocks of time to devote, but often I find my time filling up with work and chores and other obligations. How can I stay in touch and focused on something I enjoy so much, with ease and joy, without it becoming a challenge or a pressure and without setting the stakes so high that I set myself up to fail? How can I make my creative process an organic part of my life, so I keep my momentum, even when there doesn't seem to be any time?

What if I could spend quarter of an hour every day on my personal creativity? Or even ten or five minutes? It would keep my creative process going, and my projects would continue to grow, even when I'm too busy to spend long chunks of time with them!

Here's the idea for Creative Minutes:

  • Start off by finding activities that evolve creative projects and that can be done in 5, 10 or 15 minute blocks, without putting your creativity on hold.
  • Next, fit them into daily life, from Monday to Friday, leaving the weekends (or two different days) free for other activities.

I know I'm not the only person who has trouble finding time for creativity, perhaps this idea is something we could work on together? Maybe you've got a book on the back burner? Artwork or poetry in a drawer? Neglected craft projects, an instrument or camera on the top shelf? Feel free to join in. Share your ideas in the comments or write about your Creative Minutes on your blog. Finding methods to advance your creative dreams in micro-bites. Wouldn't it be fun to share ideas on how to find ways to live with our creative dreams every day?

I've made four square banners for Creative Minutes that I'll be using for the project. Feel free to use them too if you like! Happy creating!