A Pocket of Creative Time at the Airport


Sometimes it Goes Quiet

You know that feeling you get when you've got young children, and suddenly you realise that it's been quiet, way too quiet and far too long. They're up to something...

Well, it's like that here at Marmalade Moon too. When it's been quiet a while, no blog posts, not even any responses to comments, then I've been really busy.

On the Go

  • Helping to host the first Northern Light art & illustration workshop.
  • Designing an album cover.
  • Tinkering with the layout of the Marmalade Moon website and making new illustrations and graphics for it. The layout is going to be responsive, so that it looks great both on a desktop computer and on mobile devices.
  • Writing the first free course to spark your creativity, for members of Club Marmalade Moon
  • Looking for a replacement for Instagram (to solve the Facegram = Facepalm situation).

My Pocket of Creative Time

Standing at the air port, waiting for one of the teachers for the Northern Light workshop to arrive, I noticed an exhibition of Scandinavian Airlines aviation history and snapped a few photos.

Have you had any unexpected pockets of creative time recently?

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