Esmee’s Creative Doodle

Hello Esmee, could you tell us a little about how you got started with creative iPhone photography? 

I used to take pictures of my girl or snapshots on holidays, but never thought to edit them until I got my iPhone. All the apps!!

What happened next? How did you develop as an iPhone photographer? 

I found Instagram, and discovered that I liked the heavily edited pics best, grainy effects and faux lomo and all. That really inspired me to experiment. I lost count of the amount of apps I tried ;) Then I signed up for online photography courses with Susannah Conway, Bindu Wiles and Vivienne McMaster where I met lots of wonderful people and more or less found my artistic voice.

Could you tell us more about your creative process behind your Sophisticated Doodle? 

I really loved your Creative Jumpstart! It was great to start out with something so simple and just see where it takes me.  I took the pictures with my iphone and edited them on my iPad (I need glasses so a bigger screen is wonderful for editing) with Laminar. Mostly I just play around with the settings and effects and save every stage. Then I layer the saved versions to create more depth. Simple, but great fun!

What would be your advice to someone who's just starting out as a creative iPhone photographer? 

# take lots and lots of pictures! basically shoot everything you see, so you'll have enough photos to
# experiment! Try out lots of (free) apps - do read the reviews though, or you will end up with hundreds of them.
# post your work online! You don't have to collect followers or 'likes' , but its fun to look at what you've posted after a while and see the way your vision and editing skills have changed. (you could join one of those post-one-picture-every-day sites and have a great collection after a year)
# have fun!


Find more of Esmee's creative iPhone photography on Pingram.

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