Good Morning 2012!

My diary 2012

The year is new, fresh, almost untouched, like the crisp, white snow that didn't fall this year. So far. I've been inaugurating my diary for 2012. The feeling of leather, paper, pen, ink. Birthdays. Holidays. Thoughts. Dreams. Travel plans? Not quite yet. And even though I have some ideas for what I'd like to do in 2012, I'm enjoying watching the new year unfold, listening to my possibilities, my dreams and ideas.

Although the light's returning, it's still dark and drab. Grey days. Not quite the right time for New Year's resolutions, is it? Perhaps it isn't surprising that most people have forgotten about the mango smoothies come the end of January, and put their jogging shoes in the wardrobe by the end of February (who can jog on ice anyway?).

I've been digging into my inner landscape with the Winter Shift, to connect deeply with my inner life. Intuition. And the funny thing is that I've been doing a lot of typical resolution things, but with ease... naturally... not planned... not forced. Not thinking of these changes as resolutions. And I'm a New Year's resolution rebel! Interesting to observe.

How is your New Year unfolding so far?  Are you a New Year's resolution rebel too, or do you find the commitment works well for you?