Kreativ Blogger Award

kreativ blogger award The very creative, brilliant, many-sided and lovely Valarie Budayr of Learn Sweden and A Place Like This has honoured me with a Kreativ Blogger Award.

Valarie writes about a range of topics including crafting, reading, cooking and her experience and passion for different cultures. Her family is international and one of Valarie's many expressions for her Swedish heritage is her Swedish school where she runs online Swedish language and culture courses. Valarie also has a great love for nature, whatever you do, don't miss her beautiful series Fox Diaries!

In return for the honour of receiving the Kreativ Blogger Award, I must pass on the love to seven other creative bloggers and then share seven things that you didn't know about me. In the spirit of Valarie, I've selected inspiring blogs that span a wide range of topics, from culture, creativity and nature to living with several cultures and languages.

7 Creative Bloggers Who Have Been Inspiring Me Lately

  • gardenmama – Nicole never fails to inspire and delight with her beautiful photography, creative projects and love for life.
  • Turquoise Poppy – Love brought Tara from California to Turkey. The expat-induced identity crisis that followed, lead her onto an exciting path of self-discovery. Tara blogs about ways to "bloom where you're planted" and examines the possibilities of a fluid identity.
  • Gora! Gora! Gora! – Jason blogs about relocating from Sydney to India and accompanies his writings with splendid photography.
  • artlovejoy – Wini's blog is such a sunny, gorgeous and inspiring place to visit! I adore her taste and sense for colour.
  • madebymegs – Megs writes poetically with great honesty, vulnerability and strength about the dark sides of her life, only to turn around to write about her appreciation of beauty or to tell a story with wit.
  • ocasiocasa – the beautiful online home of Dale and Jeff. Poetic photography and stunning, eclectic crafts.
  • williamboschdotcom – William modestly calls himself "an accidental photographer",  check out his blog for a feast for the eyes!
  • a house called nut – Michele is an American in Helsinki, Finland and she blogs beautifully about her adventures. From life in an eco-cottage in rural Finland to anticipating parenthood in the big city.

I'll be back later with the other list.