The September Shift

iPhone photography: birch tree and lights    

iPhone photography: birch tree and lights


First the squirrels chase each other across the oak tree and then the pigeons arrive. It's the acorns. It's the end of summer. The scent of apples. A kind of clarity in the air. The last night the party lights are strung up under the birch tree. Harvest time and a shift to a different pace. 

And I'm not painting, which is what I really should be doing in my spare time. Instead I busy myself with things that seem important, or that seem fulfilling but that leave that slight feeling of unease or dissatisfaction... You know that feeling one can get after having indulged in fast food? It kind of wasn't worth it? Busy work. The kind of work that seems productive, but actually just keeps you occupied. (Is it just me or does this happen to you too?)

So I wrote a list of what I need to balance and prioritise in the area of art and design.

  • paint
  • redesign my website (like disappearing down the rabbit hole?)
  • design skins for iPhones and put them up for sale in my shop
  • make an illustrated recipe book or perhaps prints with recipes ("Studio Cooking" perhaps? Quick, fun and easy both for a budget with the odd party thrown in. What do you think?)
  • prepare some new super inspiring interviews with creatives for your reading pleasure
  • open life drawing programmes start soon. I'll be going to draw dancers in motion at the Museum of Dance and perhaps try a new one for the regular life drawing.
  • website maintenance (yawn, and also another rabbit hole)
  • make pixel art mini posters with Hype Hair designs
  • write a micro magazine for members of Club Marmalade Moon. (The next issue will come with a pre-release of a new collection of Vintage Folder Icons)
  • did I mention painting?

Lets see if writing this list puts things into perspective for me and gives you an idea of some of the things you can expect here at Marmalade Moon this autumn. What's your autumn looking like? Got that back to school feeling of energy and clarity? Fresh beginnings? New projects on the go? Or still muddled up like me, with more ideas than time?