Another Laptop Bites the Dust

computer error It started last weekend with a faint but ominous and mysterious flicker. Last Sunday there was an election in Sweden, and on Monday it was clear that the racist far-right Sweden Democrats won its first-ever parliamentary seats. Alarming and deeply depressing. And then my laptop gave up the ghost.

In the middle of all this mess, it was a HUGE relief to find that all of my art work that I'd backed up on Dropbox was safe and sound and that I could simply continue working from a different computer, without having to also recreate all the art work I'd already done, both on the commissioned work and on the new collection of Process Icons. (Yes, I'm using a referral link in this post. If you register and install Dropbox (for free) using the referral link, we'll both get extra free space!)

I'm way too busy  just now to even begin looking for the warranty for my laptop. In the meanwhile all of my e-mail, my bookmarks and RSS-reader are trapped on my broken laptop. This is why you won't see much of me online, as well as why I might owe you a response to your e-mail. Please bear with me until I get the situation sorted out.

The moral of the story? "Always backup your data" and "there's never a good time for a disaster"? My little disaster with my laptop is a catastrophe in my small world, but in the bigger picture, it's a storm in a teacup.