How to Automatically Backup Your Mobile Photos With Dropbox

Camera phones make it so easy to take photos when the moment strikes. Chances are that you're carrying your cell phone with you at all times, but not your camera, which is one of the reasons that mobile photography makes it so convenient to take photos on the go. 

The only snag is that it's easy to lose your smart phone, and with it your photos. But what if you could wirelessly save your photos and videos to the cloud, and access them later on from any device? Thanks to Dropbox that's possible. 

How to backup and sync your photos with Dropbox
Backing up your photos with Dropbox
Backing up your photos with Dropbox

How you get started started backing up your photos and videos with Dropbox on your mobile device

Begin by installing the free mobile Dropbox app on your smart phone. There are mobile versions for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and Blackberry. 

Next click the Dropbox icon on your screen, you'll see a welcome message with two options to select either logging in as a Dropbox user or creating a free account as a new user. 

When you log in to Dropbox for the first time, you'll be asked if you want to save your photos to Dropbox. You can choose to save all your photos and videos or only new ones. Now Dropbox will backup your images when you're connected to WI-FI. 



Your photos and videos will now be synced to all your devices. Not only will you have access to your photos in your pocket all the time, but you'll also be able to reach your photos from your Mac, Windows or Linux computer as well as all your mobile devices. 

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Facegram = Facepalm?

facegram Some Instagram users are talking about #Facegram and #Facepalm, because Facebook bought the popular photo-sharing app Instagram for $1 Billion (congratulations Instagram on the sale and Facebook on acquiring Instagram). It seems like a picture is worth more than a thousand words? 

What's so Special about Instagram?

People like Facebook and use it. People love Instagram and get absorbed in it. Instagram is enthusiasm, soul and emotion. Instagram users love their app, photos and community. Maybe because a picture is worth more than a thousand words, and Instagram gives more than 40 million users the creative experience of self expression and global sharing.

Why Did Facebook Buy Instagram?

Facebook got Instagram's many passionate users. Aside from that, Facebook aqcuired a hook into the shift towards mobile computing vital for a social network that was started in the days of desktop computing. With Instagram in its pocket, Facebook has incorporated a tool for creating to add to its social sharing. Last but not least, Facebook has bought a global, mobile camera, and with that it can gather even more information about exactly what its users are doing and where they are. This information is valuable to Facebook, because they can serve ads to you, based on the data they gather about you, and the more they know about you, the more sophisticated their ads can be, and the less likely that you even can tell that you are being served ads.

How to Delete Your Instagram Account

Instagramers who don't want to be a part of Facebook's ecosystem or who are concerned about privacy and aren't happy to see personal information being passed on to Facebook are leaving Instagram. If you're thinking of leaving Instagram, you'll find that it's easy to do.

Backup and Save Your Photos

Save your photos with Copygram or Instaport.

Delete Your Account

Head to this page to delete your Instagram account.

On a Personal Note

While I understand and respect how meaningful Facebook is to a lot of people, I've personally opted out of Facebook for a variety of reasons, so for me it isn't viable to stay with Instagram any more. I still haven't decided which of many options I may go for with photo sharing, or if I even will join a new photo sharing platform. All I know is that I'll miss Instagram the way it was. I'll miss my international buddies who have fled the field and all gone to different photo sharing platforms...

What Are Your Thoughts?

Are you an Instagram user who doesn't know where to go or quite what to think of Facegram? Are you involved with photography or mobile photography? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments or drop me an email!