Creative Spaces and Tools: Digital and Analogue

Creative Journal by Brian

Here are illustrator, designer, pixel pusher and quasi-typographer Brian Brasher's creative tools.  Pens, stacks of notebooks, and the traces of some digital tools too.  You'll find Brian's home on the internet at Etherbrian.

Creative Journal by Sandra

Sandra's creative tools are purple and digital. Her creative photo has a green tint and interesting film strip borders. 

"I can't really hold a pen/brush etc anymore so my iPad and iPhone are my lifeline to creativity" Check out Sandra's mobile, digital art on her website Sandra Lock.

Creative Journal by June

Blue, purple and dappled light are all part of June's creative tools and space. A notebook and pen. So peaceful and at once full of energy. 

Isn't it inspiring to see how different everyone's creative space is?